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Modified Inc. Let’s Create Together!



Modified Inc. Let's Create Together!

Modified Screen Printing, located in Oregon City, Oregon, started as a casual conversation on a girl’s trip poolside in Las Vegas. Sarah Simmons-Willett, the current owner of Modified, was vacationing with friends when one of them posed the question of buying a screen printing business with her. Sarah, unprepared for such a business proposition and not well versed in the world of screen printing, responded in confusion. At the time, she wasn’t even sure what screen printing was. After returning home and researching the idea, Sarah found there was no way she could turn down the opportunity. So, in 2014 she co-founded Modified Screen Printing, a company that specializes in garment printing services. 

Modified offers services for business printing, athletic team printing, school and club printing, as well as personal printing options online and in their Oregon City location. From full team orders to just single orders, Modified offers an array of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and more. Personalized styling options allow each customer to creatively design their specialized garment of choice. Driven by the motto, “Let’s create together,” Modified Screen Printing presents customers with the opportunity to communicate their passions and interests through art, and put it right on their favorite clothing item. Sarah, now the sole owner of the business, is energized by the process of bringing customers’ ideas to life. Creativity is at the root of this business, and each customer is given a unique personal experience to express their artistic desires. 

Modified creates clothing that customers connect with personally, and feel comfortable and confident in as well. Custom screen printing services allow customers to make their own DIY ideas a reality. For those that cannot necessarily create their own designs, Modified offers graphic designs and their own retail line of clothing as well. There are options for every business, team, school, and person and now it is easier than ever to get started with their new online web designer. Through the Modified website, anyone can go in and create their own design using Modified’s provided art, with over 2000+ designs, or upload their own design or quote for printing. These options make printing and creating that much easier and efficient for all customers. 

Business printing at Modified is inspired by Sarah’s statement, “I help people present their perfect image to those with whom they want to do business.” Through these endeavors, Modified works to create the best designs and logos for businesses so that their employees can represent them well. Sarah places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and wants each client to feel confident in the clothing she has created. 

Modified Screen Printing uses social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as local community social media groups to spread the word about their business, but word of mouth is what brings in most of their client base. Through shared pleasant business experiences, customers refer friends and colleagues to check out what Modified has to offer. School and sports team sponsorships are also a large component of Modified’s business. With sports being a huge part of Sarah’s background, she enjoys building relationships with local teams and fields through these sponsorship opportunities. 

Although Sarah is formally trained as a registered nurse and continues to work in that field, she has found that Modified offers a creative outlet in which she can express her personal creativity. Through this business venture, Sarah enjoys learning new skills, constantly challenging herself, and building relationships with all clients. Before completing each of her orders, Sarah likes to get to know her clients on a more personal level. She learns about their background, what brought them to where they are today, and how Modified Screen Printing can positively influence the next step in their life. Modified is about more than just creating personalized clothing, it is about building community and getting to know the people behind the t-shirt. 

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