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Mokhtar Jabli Brings Luxury With The Nightfall Group



A luxurious and grand lifestyle has its attractions. There is a level of satisfaction obtained from being in an extravagantly furnished home on a well-developed property surrounded by luxury vehicles and served by highly-trained chefs and service professionals. Mokhtar Jabli, founder and CEO of The Nightfall Group, has been drawn to the allure of the grand for most of his life.  Today, he and his company accommodate their clients in their quest for the taste of the luxury lifestyle.

All his experience set the backdrop for his next significant venture, The Nightfall Group. His company is a fully-integrated hospitality service company that oversees the logistics of managing luxury goods. They provide concierge services and luxury rentals for their clients. The Nightfall Group’s services include luxury villa rentals, high-end vehicle rentals, airport transfers, chef services, home spa, nanny and butler service, and restaurant concierge services. Clients who book rentals with The Nightfall Group will be assigned a vacation manager that will see their specific needs are met 24/7.

Currently, The Nightfall Group manages over 70 high-end properties in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami. These properties are made available through rental arbitrage or partnerships with the homeowners. Individuals looking to lease their properties and vehicles to The Nightfall Group are also welcome. With experienced staff, homeowners are assured that their homes are in safe hands.

Mokhtar Jabli’s passion and dedication have made a mark in the real estate industry. He prides himself on how he and his company provide rentals that feel like a home, but run like a very efficient five-star hotel. The top-notch services offered by The Nightfall Group has made it a leading hospitality service provider. 

It is difficult to imagine that Mokhtar Jabli was once broke and homeless. But he stands as living proof that with determination, passion, and creativity, anyone can turn their life around and achieve success.

For more information on The Nightfall Group, you may visit their website.

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