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Mother-Daughter Team Building a Business Empire Made Out of Sugar and Grit



As companies across the nation are  eager to welcome their employees back to the office after months of work from home life, many are seeking  a creative way to say “welcome back!” Some will share corporate swag, a banner, or a card; however, The Dessert Ladies have launched a delicious and creative solution to spark a little comfort and joy that will outshine the typical.

The uncertainty many employees that will return to their offices will face while navigating “the new normal,” combined with employer’s concerns for communicating confidence and safety presents a unique challenge for how to navigate the crucial social culture of office life.  Enter the Dessert Ladies: now equipping and delighting corporations across the nation with individually packaged dessert treats that are as mouth watering as they are safe. 

Geraldine Keogh, CEO, and Lindsay Smith, Chief Branding Officer, are the mother-daughter founders of The Dessert Ladies, an event and dessert gift shop that specializes in creating custom dessert tables, platters, and packages for events and special occasions. “We offer the personal touch and concierge service of a local business and the flair for fabulous that you won’t find in any big box retailer,” shares the company’s owner. 

The idea first came about after Geraldine experienced her own frustrations with finding a local gift specialist that would use high-quality ingredients and offer design customizations to fit her desired theme. That’s when she realized her dream to create a concierge gifting business that would help companies large and small by providing a celebrity service and gourmet ingredients. The Dessert Ladies provides their customers and clients with a way to say “thank you,” “congratulations,” or any other message one wants to express in a creative, personalized, and delicious  way. 

Since launching The Dessert Ladies, Geraldine and her highly skilled team have achieved milestone after milestone. One of their most notable achievements is joining the Goldman Sachs’ 10K Small Business Program, which is now giving birth to a new company called Bien’s Chocolate Centerpieces. The venture is a direct spinoff of one of the company’s unique bestsellers: a chocolate cake truffle with a unique feature: it’s the first ever shippable chocolate centerpiece. The Design Ladies’ indulgent dessert favor bars are meticulously designed to ship beautifully across the country to be shared and enjoyed by all. 

This one-of-a-kind and shippable chocolate centerpiece, along with their wide range of corporate gifts for every budget, will be an industry disruptor for edible giftings everywhere. The company has multiple patents pending both domestically and now internationally. Through Biens Chocolate Centerpieces, it’s now possible to ship a dessert display with both luxury and style.

Just like all of the duo’s creations, Biens Chocolate Centrepiece Towers and Bien Buddies are highly customizable so that these gifts match any theme. Many of Dessert Ladies’ clients have requested modifications like having the company logo or including a celebrant’s name. Bien’s Chocolate Centerpieces come in milk, dark, or white, whichever the client prefers for a customized, made-to-order taste.

At the heart of the company is a value for showing appreciation and gratitude. Through their offerings, The Dessert Ladies and Biens Chocolate Centerpieces hope to help teams, families, and communities celebrate small and big wins through their meaningful gifts. They hope that through their passion, they can boost morale in offices and homes all over America.

To learn more about Geraldine, Lindsay, and their talented team or their two companies, visit The Dessert Ladies’ website and Biens Chocolate Centerpieces website.

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