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MTC Education Helps Young Father Earn $25,000 on the First Month



There are a lot of self-professed masterclasses today that push products that end up hit or miss at best. But then you hear about programs like MTC education, which changes many people’s lives by delivering on what they promise. The company has made headlines once again after featuring Russel Rodriguez— a relatively new entry to their program, which has already raked in over $25,000 of income on his first month alone.

MTC Education is an educational platform that focuses on teaching pillars that bring a better quality of life and freedom. It teaches its students personal development tactics, wealth creation, wellness guidance, and adventure-building as some of the main points of its program. In addition, the company offers its clients tools, resources, and access to mentorship that could level up their mindset and increase people’s standard of living. Zeroing in on the specifics, MTC Education fulfills its mission by delivering consumable and easy-to-follow content and products that can make one’s life extraordinary when followed religiously. 

One proof of concept that the company recently presented was Russel, a wealth seeker coming in from another business. He had spent a good deal of his life building the business and decided to take the risk of starting something new. In as little as four weeks, he started making five figures from the lessons and teachings that MTC Education delivers to its students. The father and partner have risen from humble beginnings and went from no job and no business experience to generating recurring profit that comes in droves.

One of the main applications of MTC’s teachings is trading the markets, which is what Russel Rodriguez learned to do through the company’s programs. Truth be told, not everyone gets rich through trading. The far majority of people lose money. Only those who have picked up tried and tested tragedies make a killing from trading in the long to short-term. Now Russel is one of the people on that list through the help of MTC.

It’s been five years since Russel got in touch with MTC Education and its Chief Visionary Officer, Michael Sloggett. Since then, his life has never been the same. Rodriguez now works as a full-time trade and has created a business that generates up to six digits in yearly income.

For people at MTC, changing lives has become the “business as usual” activity. But there’s nothing dull about the operation. For Michael Sloggett, things are just getting started, even if he has already trained over 15,000 people worldwide through courses, webinars, live in-premise events, and other training opportunities. The CVO’s big hairy audacious goal is to change over 100,000 people’s lives through the company’s programs. And even as the new names of highly successful traders and entrepreneurs keep piling up in MTC Education’s database, no one is ever just a number to the training firm. That’s why Michael and the team love sharing stories like Russel’s.

MTC Education has thirteen expert educations currently on its roster. Together, they bring twenty-five years of experience in leading people towards financial success, better living, and a brighter future for the coming days and even more.

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