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MTV Coaching Is Here to Help Young Professionals Get on the Right Track for Their Career



Michelle Perchuk has witnessed fresh graduates and young professionals waste their potential years on the wrong career path, working in dead-end or unfulfilling jobs, or starting businesses that are a far cry from their talents and aspirations. With a drive to help, she decided to change things and created MTV Coaching.

Founder and CEO Michelle Perchuk received a professional certification for Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance at Rutgers University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from New York University, where she is an active member of the NYU Alumni Association. She is also a member of the ICF NJ Chapter Strategic Relationship Committee. 

When a financial crisis hit in 2008, Michelle successfully launched her own business called NDP Global Inc., which developed innovative strategies that could place qualified candidates at Fortune 500 companies that were struggling to find the right talent. Eight years later, she authored a seminal book on the state of contemporary recruiting called “Swimming in the Talent Pool,” interviewing over 30 C-Suite executives in conducting her research.

In her almost two decades of experience, Michelle watched how work culture became even more difficult to navigate and saw how more and more young professionals were wasting their precious years working in jobs they weren’t satisfied in. She created MTV Coaching to use her recruitment, coaching, corporate networking, and personal experience toward helping dissatisfied professionals and recent graduates land their dream job or launch their ideal startup.

Michelle’s career would revolve around building relationships and improving people’s lives. She spent almost two decades of experience at elite consulting firms, having worked with Fortune 500 global companies. Her experience is very unique because she was an executive herself at Global Talent Acquisition firms like Ajilon and Comsys, a manpower company, where she would recruit, counsel, and onboard thousands of employees for elite companies. 

Michelle attributes her success to the dedication of talent development and attributes many of the long-term relationships she built with leaders and C-suite executives. Her career trajectory gave her the tools, vision, and key business connections that would prove vital to helping her coaching clients find and pursue their true calling. 

As a career progression coach, Michelle has specialized in guiding her clients to choose a career path that they find rewarding. Many of her clients have been grateful for how quickly and objectively she can identify their strengths, clarify their goals, and set them on the right course to prosper in their career endeavors, saving them time, frustration, and lost opportunity. 

Michelle is developing an affordable educational program established for students and college graduates to provide them with the tools they need to land their first job after graduating. She is quickly becoming a valuable resource for investors and start-up communities showing them how they can protect their investments through leadership coaching.

More than anything, Michelle wants to continue coaching professionals on career progression for years to come and see how they can design their career plan using her framework. She would also love to organize retreats for professionals for educational and networking purposes in exotic locations to run professional and personal development programs.

To find out more about Michelle Perchuk and MTV Coaching, you may visit her website.

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