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Nato Guajardo’s Insurance Agency Is Showing People Everywhere How to Make a Living as an Insurance Agent



With more people looking for ways to earn a living from home during the global pandemic today, the prospect of working as an insurance agent is becoming more and more appealing to people. In fact, it’s estimated that by next year, nearly 30% of the global workforce will work permanently at-home as part of their job. The coronavirus has shown dozens of industries they can be just as productiveif not moreby allowing their workers to earn a living right at home.

Therefore, the insurance sales market is exploding in popularity, and rightfully so. Also due to COVID-19, more people than ever before are buying insurance to protect themselves and their families. That’s probably why life insurance policies are through the roof in popularity at this time. 

There has never been a more perfect time to get in on the insurance action, says insurance sales entrepreneur Nato Guajardo. Having worked in the highly competitive and rewarding job field, Nato knows that insurance agents have a chance to earn a substantial income by selling policies to both individuals and businesses. All they need to know how to do is generate quality leads that convert to sales.

“Easier said than done, of course, which I had to learn the hard way when I first got started in this industry,” said Nato. “It takes a certain kind of mindset and mentality to be able to excel in this marketplace, but for those who commit themselves to putting in the work, they are reaping some serious benefits today.”

Nato’s work speaks for itself, as the entrepreneur has secured an impressive $4 million premiums in just a few years. As the owner and manager of his own insurance agency, called the Guajardo Insurance Agency, which he manages with his wife, Nato also spends time teaching his findings and sharing his ways with insurance agents from around the country that want to get in on the secrets of lead aggregation and conversions. 

“In the beginning, I shared my knowledge with people for free because I wanted to make an impact on their lives,” said Nato. “Now I teach courses to insurance agents on how they can follow in my footsteps, scale their agencies, and grow their businesses using automation and other kinds of systems.”

It’s Time to Embrace Digital

Nato went on to say one of the biggest roadblocks stopping agents from being successful today is their unwillingness to learn new technology and automate their workflow. He said it’s important that all insurance agents embrace the new age of digital and all of the helpful tools available at their disposal.

As someone who spent a fair amount of his life finding his true calling after joining the United States Navy, attending college for information technology, and working as an IT expert out of school, Nato knows what it’s like to live an unsatisfactory, boring, and unfulfilling life. Working as an IT employee, he knew there must be more available to him with a potential to earn the money he deserved. He discovered the insurance market and has never turned back.

For those wishing to learn the tricks of the trade with Nato, please visit his website

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