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Navahcia Edwards: From Prison to Freedom and Rebuilding Her Name



A good name, once smeared, is usually difficult to clean, but Navahcia Edwards is hell-bent on wiping the slate clean. A quick search for her name on Google comes up with search results of her getting sentenced for a bank robbery. While she already accepted her wrongdoings, she has shown remorse and served her sentence of five years and ten months.

According to her, things went south for her as a result of making one major bad decision. It was never intended to be the way it did, but circumstances led her to making mistakes that ruined her life. Before her incarceration, she had no prior records, and she avoided trouble for most of her life despite having a tumultuous upbringing.

As a child, she lived from one group home to another. She ran away at a point and was placed in DCFS. Just about the time she became 16, one of her friends released a masturbation video of her to the internet. He had obtained the video on false pretenses after telling her he wanted the video and photos for his private collection. This brought further damage to Navahcia’s reputation and made it impossible to prove that she was incapable of doing harm.

While she has served her sentence and taken responsibility for her actions, she constantly has to live through every day, knowing that people see her a certain way. Everything she has gone through in her life happened as a result of her naivety. She was young and impressionable, and all her actions at the time have altered the course of her life.

Many people have judged her based on what the internet has said about her without knowing the real truth about her person. Navahcia describes herself as humble, caring, adventurous, and self-assured. She got out of prison four years ago and has been on a journey of reassessment since then. She is currently writing her story to serve as a learning point for other people and guide them, so they don’t make similar mistakes to hers. She has also started different businesses so she can be a contributing member of society.

After spending five years in prison, she has seen first-hand what it’s like to be locked up in prison. So, she wants to connect with other women who have been incarcerated and foster kids with a difficult upbringing. She has been thrown into the deepest ends of the jungle called life, and she came out of it alive. Going through the prison system and coming out alive is worth talking about, and she stayed strong throughout her sentence.

Now that she is out, she wants every young person out there with one or more mistakes in their name to understand that there is always room to improve on their lives. In her words, “Obstacles are put in your way to make you work harder, so you remember that where you are now in life did not come easy.” Moving forward, she will be engaged in a lot of prison reform work. At the same time, she hopes that in five years’ time, she has a bestselling book, becomes a successful businesswoman, and consults with prisons to improve their living conditions.

Find out more about Navahcia Edwards and how she is turning her life around on her website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates, or send an email to

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