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Navigating Lead Generation With Media Simplified



The COVID-19 pandemic has driven hordes of previously unknown businesses into the online space as business owners scramble to make up for their deficits by marketing online. However, many are finding out that going online presents its own set of challenges. In real life, business owners can put up signs to let customers know where they are. How do they do that online?

For years, Media Simplified has been guiding small businesses into the online world with their lead-generation services. The company specializes in intent-targeted ads, a powerful tool that business owners can use to attract and gather information on new customers.

The professionals behind Media Simplified know how tough it is for business owners to find advertising that works. As professionals, they know how important it is to make sense of strategies in a way that is measurable—they’re numbers people too.

The company works with businesses in a multitude of niches all across the country to bring in customers with an unparalleled quickness. The company has clients in small businesses of all niches but are mostly in home improvement—roofers, contractors, and solar professionals. There are a number of clients in vertical businesses as well, including the mortgage and real estate fields and even all the way to the medical space.

The company’s strategy is tested and proven in their many years in the field. They design ad campaigns that attract new customers who are looking for a business’s products or services. These ads will lead them to a survey where they can provide detailed information about their situation and what they need. This new customer contact information will be automatically sent over to the client business for their benefit. The customer will then be presented with a thank-you page that will prompt them to get an appointment with the business. As a final touch, the company installs an online calendar that the business can use to schedule their newfound clients.

The company also does the favor of taking the stress out of implementing these changes to the business, as the team itself will train the business’s employees on how to serve customers online. This way, every employee knows their new role, and customers get a smooth transaction.

Media Simplified has an astounding action-based ROI guarantee—they can guarantee clients a return on their investment in ninety days or less, a feat in the lead-generation industry. This confidence is based on their results and countless satisfied clients. The company is confident in its tested and proven strategy, which beats out those of competitors by a mile.

The mastermind behind all this is Nicholas Friel, one of America’s best young marketers. He is a renowned expert on new-customer acquisition for small businesses moving into the online space. To help small businesses find their customers in the virtual world, he established Media Simplified, which has since taken the lead-generation industry by storm. His processes have been widely regarded as the most strategic approach to develop a new customer acquisition system or a New Customer on Demand Program, which the company proudly implements.

Nicholas and his expert team are helping struggling businesses put up their signs online and meet their new customers. In a world further complicated by a pandemic, Media Simplified is helping small businesses to keep going.

Learn more about Media Simplified’s New Customer on Demand Program on their website or find them on Instagram.

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