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Networking for Introverts: Building Professional Relationships



Networking for Introverts: Building Professional Relationships

Being an introvert is not easy; trust me, as it’s coming from an introvert. An introvert struggles to make its place in any gathering, group, setup, etc. It takes a toll on our mental health as we cannot fit in like the extroverts. We struggle in finding the right topic and even the right people to blend with. But what’s even more difficult? It is to find jobs for introverts.


From childhood till adulthood, introverts find it difficult to fit in. they cannot make deep connections with anyone and everyone; they need like-minded people to find the connection. Networking tips have made it easier for them to fit in and make their place in their business network. The expansion of networks to the automated systems has made a huge benefit for the introverts.


In a corporate setting, people and human resources are the assets that are needed to prove their worth time and again; you cannot do much if you are a shy, introverted player, and building professional relationships as an introvert is really tricky and hard.


If an introvert is in their own circle or with the people they like, then they are not shy. Professional networking for introverted individuals is difficult as it is not easy to find the people with the same wavelength in the professional setup.


Finding Jobs for Introverts:

Introverts find it hard to socialize, especially; professional networking for introverted individuals is a nightmare. Introverted networking is no more limited to their friends. They are breaking boundaries by applying through AI-supported systems and making profiles in the virtual world where they do not have to physically meet a lot of people in order to get a word in for them.



Establishing a successful career must not be hindered by this personality trait of a person. The truth is, you cannot succeed if are not able to put your ideas forward or even clearly and interview without hesitating. Confidence while meeting prospective employer or a new team is a key factor in putting a positive impression on them.


Networking for introverts is a matter of concern, especially when it is career networking. Business relationship managers of organizations like to keep the team together and want everyone to participate and put in their two cents toward the growth and success of the organization.


There are few introvert-friendly networking strategies that have proven to be friends with shy, introverted people and have contributed towards making them a team player instead of a lone wolf. Some of the most common ones are discussed further.


Make a plan:

If you are planning on going to a corporate socializing event, make a plan. List down a few conversation starters; these are going to help you mingle with new people. These conversation starters should be related to your work, like, “what is the most demanding aspect of your role in your organization?” “How do you cater to the rising socio-economic pressure while maintaining a composed corporate personality and demeanor?”


Questions are great ice-breakers. Even in general life, while meeting someone new, you can start something that is ordinary but is of interest to most people, like, “where would you like to travel alone?” “What is your most cherished memory of yours as a kid?” Ask for their introduction; this is the easiest one; from the introduction, you can start different conversations. Similar is the case with professional introductions. Ask them about their role, posts, duties, and their achievements.


Arrive early to your office or event:

If you are new to the set-up, arrive before anyone else does. You need to get a layout of the office and can also greet people as they take their seats to start their working day. People always remember a warm smile in the morning.


You are putting yourself out there so that you can build stronger professional relationships as an introvert. Your employer will notice you. It will take effort but will be totally worth it.


Look for other introverts:

This is a strategy for making a semi-formal group of your own to mingle with after work hours. Likeminded people are always a great idea to have. Other introverts in the office will help you in ways you cannot imagine, especially if they have been working in the organization for quite some time now.


Other introverts will be easy to get along with as they won’t expect you to talk too much or be chirpy and jolly all the time. You can be yourself and may even make true and sincere friends.



Be the initiator:

Redefine your approach and make small gatherings of your won with people you are comfortable with. This can be over lunch at a small coffee shop just around the corner or maybe by calling some of the colleagues over for a drink, etc.


This way you will get to know a few people well, you guys will bond and make stronger professional relationships. This can even leak into your personal life and you may find yourself getting fond of a few people.


Small steps towards the goal of becoming a part of the bigger picture:

According to a concept of human performance by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, a person feels the happiest when they try to do something that is even a little bit out of their comfort zone as this gives their brains a signal of something new and exciting.


Meet one person who you think you can get along with, and try to make meaningful conversation with one person at your new office. This will become a habit and you will see how soon you are coming to know a lot more people and becoming a peer to them.


Don’t be hard on yourself:

You know you are an introvert. Building strong professional relationship as an introvert is not easy, so do not compare yourself to a person who is always talking and making rounds with the office staff. You have to be your own person.


Be your own person, take things little by little, and don’t over-exert yourself. If you are too hard, it might be fruitless. You might just exhaust and want to give up. It is okay to take it slow but make sure the progress is consistent.


With small steps, you can surely enter the corporate world and take your organization over and make sure you succeed.


It is important to note a few things when building professional relationships as an introvert. These things will ensure your easy adjustment and adaptation.


Jobs for Introverts made Easy with a Few Tips:

Apart from the guide given above on how an introvert like me can make their place and put an impression in a new organization that they’ve recently joined, there are also a few additional tips to help you even more.


  •   Use your contacts: You must have a few friends from your time in college, high school, etc., even if not them; there might be many resourceful people in your contact list. Stay in contact and keep discussing with them what you are trying to achieve in the field that they are also related to. Seek advice from them, and engage in deep conversations regarding your professional growth; you will gain some great deep connections through these. The contact may also be able to refer you further if they think someone may be useful for you.
  •   Enlist your objectives: Having a clear sense of your interest and what you are trying to achieve will keep you motivated to progress further and build stronger professional connections as an introvert. Make sure the objectives are achievable.
  •   Try to host corporate events on your own: Take responsibility or become a part of the event organization team in your company. This will help you overcome your shyness in talking to people and make you prominent among other staff members.
  •   In order to speak confidently, listen actively: It is important to stay on the same page as your colleagues. You should be in the loop of all the important information being passed around formally and even informally. This will enable you to perform better as your will be knowledgeable about what is going on. Don’t exclude yourself from the team.
  •   Exclude distractions: This is important in your daily life as well as corporate life. You must not have any sort of distractions around you when you are trying to overcome your shy introvert self and be more open with your colleagues. Make sure there is no such thing, especially your phone or laptop, with you if it’s not a formal meeting that calls for your laptop or some sort of device to stay connected.


These small things will make a big impact on your overall outlook to your colleagues. Try it, and you will know how these things are your friends in your office.


Final Word:

Being an introvert is not a drawback; it is a personality trait, just like being an extrovert. Use your trait to shine your personality and make stronger professional relationships. With the help of the points stated above, you will be surprised how you are easily adjusting with all your colleagues and actually enjoying spending time in your office.


It will surely take time, but you will get there, just trust the process!