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Newly-Launched Public Influencer Marketplace QuikTok Is Changing the Entertainment Industry




Ever since the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor activity has been heavily discouraged worldwide. People are asked to stay inside to lessen the risk of transmission and are left to seek indoor sources for entertainment and activity. This resulted in the rise and growth of the users and audience of entertainment social apps such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, to name a few. 

Launched in the middle of March this year, QuikTok was created mainly to help TikTok creators earn money from the work they do on the platform. Co-Founders Alex Boro and Tanner Kesel created QuikTok as a sustainable approach to helping clients earn from and further their success. 

As the first and largest public influencer marketplace, QuikTok allows artists, record labels, and brands to purchase promotions from influencers within minutes instantly. In less than half a year, the marketplace carries over seven hundred influencers on board with a growing overall reach of more than a whopping 750 million users.

“At QuikTok, we focus on giving brands immediate exposure,” QuikTok COO Anthony Noto says. The marketplace also provides “artists and record label a platform that will allow their songs the chance to go viral, boost their monthly listeners, and reach new audiences.”

Marking itself with a reputation of transparency and individualized campaigns, QuikTok gives full control over promotional decisions to its clients and tailors campaigns with consideration to the client’s needs, products, platform, and audience. 

“All creators have complete control over what promotions they choose to accept or deny, as well as the fact that they set their prices themselves,” Alex shares. “When looking at our influencers, you see exactly what their rates are.” 

The starting promotions on QuikTok’s website rate at just 25 dollars, making it available to anyone interested in what the marketplace has to offer. No matter its client’s budget and prior reputation and reach, QuikTok only gives them the most out of their budget, producing individualized campaigns designed to garner the best results for each client.

Currently, the dedicated team at QuikTok is working on the iOS and Android apps for the marketplace. The mobile applications will be released in a few weeks and followed by the introduction of Instagram and YouTube on the marketplace’s platform. 

These updates will give creators the ability to receive promotional updates through mobile push notifications. It will also allow QuikTok’s clients to purchase promotions easily and on multiple platforms. 

With hundreds of influencers and a staggering number of followers, QuikTok is, according to Tanner, “a platform that is bridging the gap between content creators and artists, record labels, and brands.” In just less than six months from its launch, QuikTok has made a name for itself and is steadily changing the business and entertainment industries. 

By allowing TikTok creators to profit off their platform, and to further the reach of artists, bands, and record labels, QuikTok is widening income-generating opportunities during and beyond the current pandemic. 

Visit QuikTok on its official website and learn more about how influencers instantly promote their music or brand on TikTok. 

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