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Nitesh Devpal a ray of hope for many who want to play safe on social media



Nitesh Devpal
Nitesh Devpal is an expert when it comes to digital marketing. He has an edge over social media and has helped people, businesses, corporates, politicians, and others prosper on social media the best. He knows all about the social media apps in and out and with his cool social media strategies, he is able to turn the table for the brands and people of different walks wanting to have a good number of followers and fan base on the web. Today, when we live in this social media, we tend to be surrounded by fringe elements as well in this world. This makes everyone work hard to thrive in the world of social media.
In this competitive world, we see social media as an important tool to promote, propagate and push brands, businesses, companies, and others closer to their target audience, followers, fans, and consumers thus adding strength to their fan following on the social media. In a sense, social media has become a ray of hope for many to retain their stardom and popularity among their fans. As per Nitesh, at the same time, we see many black sheep also present on the web and the social media sites who give lucrative offers to network with business pages of various companies and entrepreneurs. They lure people sending proposals, which often attracts people managing the pages on social media.
Once they partner with them, they send you a link, and clicking the same allows them to get access to the social media pages. This makes them the business manager of these pages, giving them complete control of your page. This is where Nitesh comes into the picture, as he knows such fraud, which is carried out by fictitious identities who hack the social media pages and use as per their own whims and fancies.
As per Nitesh, he is well versed with such frauds, which take place day in and day out in the world of social media. When asked as to what goes on next, he says, these people with fake IDs mostly operating from outside our country, take undue advantage of getting access to the social media pages and do things as per their own wish. Nitesh who has ample of such experience in handling such issues, and thus guides people from different walks of life on social media to manage their page with greater security by keeping such elements at bay. As per Nitesh, he has also helped many to retrieve the hacked Facebook pages from such fraud people. He has developed such skill sets as a great helper and supporter for people who come to him seeking his help to get rid of the same.
Today, hacking social media accounts have become so common that no one is spared. We often see cases of brands and companies’ accounts are hacked and weird messages appear on their accounts. This is where Nitesh helps such people and businesses who have lost control over their social media pages. He not only helps them get out of the clutches of such fringe elements but at the same time, he makes them aware of the tips and tricks that can keep them safe on social media.
Nitesh has come a long way in establishing himself as a giant when it comes to social media and digital marketing. He hails from a small village in Rajasthan and has started everything from scratch in Mumbai to embark at the top with social media expertise. Many of his pages, he manages have millions of views and followers. This gave him the penetration in the social media world thus networking with top people and businesses helping them grow big on social media. He helped them come out in flying colours when it comes to prospering on social media.  He remains active on the web for not less than 15-`18 hours a day, which has penetrated the world of social media and the tools surrounding the same.
With this expertise, when he is leading a decent life of a digital marketer portfolio, he makes sure he helps people from a wide range of domains including Business, government sectors, corporate world, and other fields to play safely in the social media world. This makes him their guide and supporter of many business groups from different fields who come as a ray of hope for many in sorting out things in the domain of social media and digital marketing.
He loves to be known as a helper and mentor of brands, businesses, and groups when it comes to social media. Interestingly, he shares all his ideas with the people and others to keep these fringe elements at bay. When asked, what makes him help people and groups in this regard, he says, he loves helping people in distress and since he also knows the way people are taken for a ride on social media, he comes in the front to help them all. With this, he becomes the first man from the digital marketing world to help and educate people on social media accounts and pages hacking.
Further talking about the preventive measures to be considered on playing safe on social media, Nitesh says it is always recommended to avoid accepting page authorization requests from any unknown ID or person irrespective of any kind of proposition you get in terms of kind of cash. He has many more such ideas to prevent serious issues like hacking, you need to come in touch with him to test his expertise and knowledge about social media and digital marketing.

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