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Office Design Trends Redefining a Contemporary Workplace



Office Design

Whatever you do and wherever you work, being stuck in an inspiring and boring office space with a bunch of people you can’t stand is one of the worst things in the world. And while you can’t change the people you work with, you can change the surroundings and the atmosphere. Dedicating some time and energy to new office design solutions could go a long way, especially if you’re a CEO of a major company that’s trying to give the employees the best workspace possible. So, if this is something that might interest you as well, here are some of the best office design trends that will redefine your workplace too.

Common and shareable spaces

Regardless of the number of people you employ and the size of your office, giving everyone enough personal and manoeuvring space is a must. That’s why individuals and teams are usually organized together, sharing ideas and working together. This will also help you define different areas in your office and make it more functional. However, you shouldn’t forget about those areas that are neutral and don’t really belong to anyone. These spaces are called touchdown spaces and they literally belong to anyone who needs them.

Having these sorts of spaces in your office is a must and something that could benefit you on more levels than one. These areas will make your employees more productive and motivated, which means they’ll keep bringing their A-game to the office every single day. Also, your staff will be able to use these areas creatively and do whatever they want here, making your workplace more coherent and vibrant than ever.


Green and sustainable spaces

With so many people who are aware of the ecological disaster our world is facing, lots of companies are doing their best to minimize this effect and do their share of the world. That’s why more and more offices are becoming green and sustainable, which is a great thing for everyone involved. These organic offices insist on eco-friendliness is every possible way – from recycling to using local resources, and everything in between.

Using green materials is one of the ways to do so, which is why sustainable wood and ceramic tiles are so popular right now. The latter gives you a ton of options when it comes to designing and spicing up your office space, so you should definitely explore this idea. You can even notice that the current projects with tiles in Canberra, for instance, show us that there are lots of colours, patterns, styles, and combinations you can opt for. This means your office space can become eco-friendly and visually appealing at the same time, so it’s a win-win situation for you and your staff.


Collaborative spaces

Speaking of the things your staff likes, this is an idea everyone is certainly going to support. Forget about having lots of cubicles and tiny offices that are neither productive nor inspiring, and simply embrace the openness of your office space instead. Open-space office plans are now more popular and common than ever, and you should definitely join this trend as well. These open offices don’t just give your staff more room to breathe, but also more storage options and ideas that are going to make their everyday life much easier. If you run a digital marketing agency, for instance, a steady rise of digital marketing jobs for freshers means that you’ll need to accommodate more new people, and this type of office layout allows you to do that with ease.

What’s even better is that these spaces increase collaboration among people who work together, which is why they’re often called collaborative spaces. Exploring their pros and cons is crucial before implementing any changes into your office, but keep in mind that giving your workers more space is always better for their performance. That’s why this trend is here to stay, so incorporating it into your own workspace as soon as possible is undoubtedly necessary.

Besides these three ideas, there are a few other design trends you might want to explore. Things like installing extra-large windows that will make your office full of fresh air and natural sunlight, sticking to motivating and cool colour schemes, and opting for those adaptable and adjustable office desks, are just some of the things that could make a major difference in your workspace. Don’t forget that it’s all about doing something good for your employees and making them understand that you care for them and value their work, but, if possible, about helping the environment at the same time.

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