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Passion Project Turned into Reality: How Alandise Harris Created ‘Burrnationk9s’ for Dog Lovers



“A dog is a man’s best friend,” as the famous saying goes.

Dogs have pretty much become a part of people since time immemorial. Many have treated them as part of the family, up to the point where some would treat their dogs as their babies. Some would dress them up and accessorize them with fancy hats and shoes, and some would sleep next to their dogs in bed because of the incredible bond.

But more than pets, these animals have come a long way to where they are now. From being treated as guard dogs, to becoming help dogs for the blind and the disabled. Because Alandise Harris has recognized this unique reception towards these furry best friends, he created a company that provides high-quality XL American Bully and XL American Pitbull Terriers for those who want to have these specific breeds as their ultimate life companions.

Alandise Harris is a dedicated professional basketball player whose face has appeared in many media outlets. He is 51 points shy of 1000 for his collegiate career in the sport. He also has two career #SCtop10 plays. Interestingly, Alandise is more than just a basketball player. He graduated with a degree in Sociology last 2014. With his degree and demonstrated professional experience in basketball, one would quickly think of how he will shape his career within those fields. However, because of his love for dogs, he wanted to share his passion with others. That is why in the spirit of his celebrating dogs, he formed ‘Burrnationk9s’.

Burrnationk9s is arguably one of the top 5 breeding programs for XL American Bully dogs in the world. With this high ranking status, there are many factors that actually set the company apart from its competitors and made them garner a spot at the top. Among these factors are consistent production of dogs, steady revenue, and high-quality healthcare for dogs. However, Burrnationk9s takes pride in how passionate they are at what they do. Although there has been a recognition of their grade A service, they would still ultimately highlight their genuine care for dogs and their willingness to stay afloat despite the odds.

Inundated with resilience and run by a professional athlete who thrives in success, Burrnationk9s takes service to another level. Their acknowledged success was based on concrete results, as shown by the quality of their XL American Bullies and XL American Pitbull Terriers.

From the dog breeding and production to the training of would-be dog owners, everything is taken seriously by Alandise and the rest of the team. There is a need to train these owners because Alandise believes that not everyone has what it takes to care for these types of breeds. He thought it best to prepare these individuals because the company does not only care for producing these dogs; it also takes into account maintaining their existence. In other words, Alandise believes that the company’s magic does not end in production. It continues even when the dogs leave their company and into their owners’ homes.

If you believe you have what it takes to take home an XL American Bully, then click here.

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