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Paulo Domingos Manquele, the Man Who Speaks and Breathes Fashion



Paulo Domingos Manquele wearing a custom GQ jacket called GQ Blazer of Fame

Paulo Domingos Manquele, also known as #ThisDudeWithTheBlazer, is a celebrity stylist looking to accompany people in and through their new life while motivating and instilling self-confidence in them. With a passion for fashion, he loves to piece together all sorts of looks from red carpet appearances, music videos, parties, galas, stage performances, television appearances to professional photoshoots. He also advises people when to change their look/style and advise them on where to go on vacation (having been to all 50 US States and over 60 countries worldwide.

Paulo Domingos Manquele is a Washington DC-based fashion stylist, personal artist, personal shopper, and jewelry designer who takes inspiration from the diversity he has experienced in the places he has visited. Paulo believes your fashion sense is enough to give you the confidence to after your dreams, no matter how lofty they are. In his words, “Fashion is a tool to get what you want in life.”

Paulo is a stylist and motivator who discovered his distinct taste for fashion at a very young age. He is a fashion icon, fashion designer, stylist, actor, and travel blogger. Paulo has developed and mastered his style and sense of fashion thanks to his numerous diverse trips worldwide. Paulo takes inspiration from the places he has visited; he was born in Luanda, Angola, grew up in Germany, and lives in the USA. He has also served previously in the German Armed Forces, and he speaks English, German, Portuguese, Lingala, and Spanish. Paulo is the definition of diversity. And as a graduate of the Fashion Academy of Munich, Germany, where he earned a Fashion Stylist certificate, he also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design.

Paulo Domingos Manquele describes his target audience as everyone because fashion, motivation, and traveling don’t have a target audience. Whether young or old, it’s always a pleasure working with people. Everyone needs motivation, and the right fashion taste/style and traveling is for all regardless of race, color, or gender. Paulo helps his clients create their ideal shopping list with a budget and does the shopping for them. This package also includes wardrobe shopping, outfit creation, closet audit, and a look book. As a personal shopper, Paulo teaches “Shopping Smart,” which consists of lessons like “Where to Splurge,” “Where to Save,” and “Where to Shop.” As a wardrobe editor, Paulo helps his clients do a complete makeover of their wardrobe while assisting them in deciding what to keep, what to sell, and what to donate.

When asked what separates Domingos Manquele’s products and services from that of his competition, he says, “I’ve been around the world where I saw a lot of things that changed me, and I learned a lot during my trips. I speak six languages, and 5 of them are international languages. My energy and my style changed my life. I spend time in Paris, Milano, New York, etc., to learn the difference between fashion and lifestyle. The difference between me and my competitions, they are pigeons, and I am an Eagle, they are a cat, and I am a Lion.”

Aside from his work as a stylist, Paulo is also an entrepreneur and the co-founder of the African VMAs and Angola Video Music Awards, which was successfully held for the first time in Angola last 2019. They are looking forward to the next event after the pandemic.

To see more of Paulo Domingos Manquele’s works and details of his services and booking, visit his website or connect with him on Instagram.

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