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PiccMee Prizes: Taking Advertising to a Whole New Level with Cash Prizes and More



PiccMee Prizes

In just three weeks, the digital advertising company PiccMee Prizes already amassed over 18,600 followers and participants on its Twitter platform for its interactive game shows and live streams where large amounts of cash prizes are given away to the winners. It has even caught the attention of Bill Pulte, the inventor of Twitter philanthropy, who tuned in to a recent live stream.

Chase Turnquest, also known as PiccMee Prize Guy, started the concept five years ago right after losing his mother to cancer. He has attempted to bring the concept to life several times, but for the last three tries, he suffered financial losses as he could not get over the hurdle of people treating it as a scam. This year, it is his fourth attempt to establish the PiccMee Prizes advertising company, and it has been very successful. In a short period, it has gained thousands of followers who have joined, witnessed, and received actual prizes from the different game shows.

PiccMee Prizes is a leading advertising company that is taking the industry by storm. With the use of a more interactive and engaging approach, advertising partners are sure to experience greater exposure and more organic media presence.

Through various interactive games and amazing prizes, PiccMee Prizes establishes strong relations with its viewers. Their games include #CrackThatSafe, where viewers attempt to crack a real safe containing cash by guessing its four-digit pin. Another interesting game is #GetOnTheWheel, where viewers or participants spin the wheel and get the prizes they land on. #PrizeLine is another segment where viewers can call PiccMe Prize Guy at 1-844-PiccMee between 8:30 to 9:30 PM for a chance to win.

#GhostGiveaways gives prizes away to people who engage and interact with PiccMee Prizes and its social media platforms. The company recently launched a video challenge as well, where participants can upload videos on their social media platform featuring their designated hashtags. PiccMee Prizes Poker is also coming soon for participants who wish to showcase their skills and talent in playing the famous game.

Today, PiccMee Prizes is addressing a recurring problem that Chase Turnquest has been facing for years now. It is trying to resolve the issue of fake profiles imitating the real PiccMee Prizes and ruining the company and its genuine intentions.

Unfortunately, some social media platforms refuse to verify the legitimate PiccMee Prizes profile and have not taken action on these fake accounts, leaving the public vulnerable to scams. With this in mind, it is best for potential participants to take the necessary actions to confirm the authenticity of the profile they are interacting with.

Indeed, the generous cash prizes from PiccMee Prizes are generating a significant buzz in the social media world, especially with the crisis that the world faces today. With the onset of the pandemic, people have turned to social media for their work, business endeavours, and social life. With that, the company is offering people from all over the world a way to de-stress by playing fun game shows on top of winning cash. In the future, the company hopes to bring their prizes to the next level: giving away cars and houses.

For more information about PiccMee Prizes, visit their official website and Facebook page.

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