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Promoting Beard Care Amidst the Pandemic: Beardgrub, LLC



Hair is like an individual’s most treasured canvass that is painted with different shades of colors, layered with products that work like a varnish to enhance the beauty that is being represented from within. 

Many would find it exhilarating and refreshing to see a person so clean because of his or her well-groomed hair, but as scintillating as it can be, sometimes people are unlucky to find the right products for them. They continue to struggle to find these hair-friendly products that match the complexities of the needs of one of the people’s most prized possessions.

As vain as this may seem, nothing beats good hygiene in promoting beautiful and healthy hair roots. Taking a cue from this notion, entrepreneur Rafael Streets set out to find the perfect beard care that compliments their goal of achieving a beard that is well taken care of. However, when Rafael was unable to do so, he took matters into his own hands and created beard oils that could change the beard care landscape forever.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Rafael and his partner, Jonathan, valued having a beard oil that resonates with the beauty of the windy city. Determined to produce one that is tuned with their lifestyle as well, the two business partners created the company called Beardgrub, LLC. 

Beardgrub, LLC is an online male grooming and beard care website that serves to help men have access to proper means and maintain healthy and well-groomed beards while staying at home. With the global health crisis still on its toes, the company found it essential to address beard care while following stay-at-home measures and social distancing protocols.

To heed to the call of government institutions and the rest of the world, Beardgrub currently operates as a one-stop online beard shop for individuals looking to take care of their beards amid the health protocols. Beardgrub involves a variety of product selections such as premium beard wash, beard balm, wooden brush and comb set, beard oils, and additional gift sets.

Taking Beardgrub to the next level by promoting good beard care amid the pandemic, Rafael decided to introduce credulous stimulus packages to ensure that men get the beard care that they deserve during these trying times. Beardgrub is committed to shipping out free samples of their premium beard oils across the United States to help individuals realize the importance of beard care and encourage grooming and mastering their beards.

“[That is] why we are doing our part to ensure men everywhere can still take care of their beards today. How we feel about our health and our appearance has a direct impact on our mindsets. We want to help,” said Rafael.

With everything that the world is facing, Beardgrub has proven that the ongoing health crisis cannot hinder the company from promoting self-care to men’s pride and joy. The beard is much like a painting; people love to look at it when it emanates the beauty that the painter intends to deliver.

To know more about Beardgrub’s stimulus packages, visit their website, and follow their Instagram page.

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