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Protections For Temporary Foreign Workers In Canada You Should Know About



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The Canadian government took decisive measures to help TFWs or Temporary Foreign Workers to safeguard their health and safety. Before you immigrate to Canada and look for Canada immigration in Bangalore, know about these protections.

The TFW system’s integrity and the security of TFWs are both intended to be strengthened by the 13 additional regulations included in them. In addition, the standards and circumstances of the TFW program will be more transparent and clear thanks to these revised laws. As a result, corporations will be more conscious of their obligations, improving worker protection and boosting program compliance.

Know More About TFWP

The TFWP enables firms to hire overseas to fill critical shortfalls in Canada’s labour supply. To hire TFWPs, a company or firm needs to show an LMIA or Labour Impact Assessment given by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). If the LMIA is positive, it indicates that a foreign national has to be hired for the role, whereas a negative one shows that a Canadian national should be hired.  

TFWs are granted the same rights as citizens or lawful permanent residents of Canada. In addition, it indicates that the law requires that businesses offer a secure workplace free from intimidation and retaliation.

Furthermore, it is illegal for an employer to decline to pay a worker for hours worked in accordance with a contract of employment, including overtime. Know your rights before searching for an immigration office Chennai. Before starting employment, staff should ensure they have a certified form of this Agreement.

Your Contract of Employment

Your employer is entitled to provide you with a duplicate of your employment agreement on or before your initial day of work. English or French are required languages to be able to work in Canada. This Agreement shall be executed by you and your employer. The occupation, pay, and working conditions mentioned in the employment act must correspond to those in your employment contract. 

Which New Rules Apply to Temporary Foreign Workers?

Employers are now accountable for giving their workers access to healthcare services. They are required to provide their staff with private health insurance, which they may utilize as needed. In any event, the revised guidelines are as follows:

  • Requiring employers to notify all TFWs of their lawful rights in Canada.
  • Employers must not retaliate against their employees, for instance, in the case of those who file complaints.
  • Employers should not be permitted to charge workers recruiting fees, and they should be held liable for the actions of recruiters in this respect.
  • Employers should be required to offer employees fair access to medical care and private health coverage when necessary.

The proposed revisions contribute to making Canadian employees’ rights more transparent. As well they enhance protections for wages, healthcare, and working conditions.

If You Get Sick or Get Hurt While Working

Get medical help as soon as you can after informing your employer or boss as soon as you can. Your employer must give you access to a medical professional.

For instance:

  • Allowing you time off so you may get medical care.
  • Make sure a phone is handy to call emergency services.
  • Providing information on how to receive healthcare and where to get it.
  • Assisting with your transportation to the healthcare facility.

Your employer is not obligated to cover the cost of your travel to a hospital, clinic, doctor’s office, or other healthcare facilities.

You can discuss this with a healthcare professional in private without your employer present.

How Do these Actions Add to Existing TFW Protections?

To assist in better safeguarding TFWs, the department enacted several changes, including-

  • Improved inspection methods and required training to improve the accuracy and efficiency of inspections.
  • Utilize the improved tip line service as before. Live agents would be included in this so that staff members may privately report any instances of abuse or misuse.
  • Continue educating employers about their responsibilities to promote adherence to the TFW program’s guidelines.
  • To assist the department in identifying issues that require prompt attention and taking action, increase cooperation with consulates.


The new changes will enhance their capacity to monitor workplaces, enforce regulations, and impose just punishments for those who choose not to abide by them. They are all in favour of temporary foreign workers. Make sure that before approaching any Canadian immigration office in Chennai, you are aware of the laws and regulations.