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How to Settle QuickBooks Error Code 80040408?



QuickBooks error code 80040408

QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit that helps small and medium-sized businesses manage their finances by tracking income, expenses, invoices, payments, and more. It is available in both desktop and online versions and includes features such as bank reconciliation, payroll, customer tracking, and reporting. However, in a multi-user environment, incorrect QuickBooks settings can result in an error. QuickBooks error code 80040408 appears at the same time. The error message that appears on the screen is Start Session Error Code: 80040408. QuickBooks will not start. There are numerous causes for the error, which we will discuss in this blog. You will also be given troubleshooting methods for resolving the error.

What are the Grounds for QuickBooks Error Code 80040408?

Below are the reasons for the QuickBooks error 8004048:


  • If additional users attempt to migrate the QuickBooks company file and the file has since been modified, the changes will differ from the original edits made by the user.
  • QuickBooks error code 80040408 can also appear under different QuickBooks company file names.
  • The administrator user attempts to access the file but is denied because another user changed the name of the QuickBooks company file. The administrator then uses the QQube Configuration tool to open a different file.
  • Wait until QuickBooks is already accessible for a specific company file before attempting to load many additional files concurrently.
  • The admin user logs out in multi-user mode. It prevents QuickBooks from starting up and running.


Check the points listed below before continuing with the troubleshooting steps.


  1. Check that the QuickBooks Quick Start option is disabled.
  2. There should be no other users using Single User mode.
  3. Check that the server is up.
  4. Check to see if QuickBooks is set to open a specific company file instead of opening multiple files.
  5. Check that the location of the company file in QuickBooks is correct and that you have not moved your company file to a different location on your computer.
  6. Check that the name you just entered for the company file in QuickBooks matches the name of the company on your computer.


How To Repair QuickBooks Error Code 80040408?

You can repair the QuickBooks error 80040408 with the following solution:

Solution 1: Rename The Quickbooks Company File To The Original One

When the name of the company file is changed, you can change the name of your business file, as stated previously in the QQube Configuration Tool. You can also rename the file to its original name by removing the business file. You must have a multi-user version to rename the server. If you’re still having trouble opening QuickBooks and receiving error 80040408, try the following solution.

Solution 2: Only configure one system.


An unstable configuration in terminal/remote desktop settings may result in QuickBooks error code 80040408. When multiple users sync to the system over the network, this occurs. QuickBooks must be configured to sync with the system only once, rather than with the server and other users.

Solution 3: Alternative Solution

If the above solutions do not work, try the following steps:


  1. Check to ensure that QuickBooks Quick Start is not selected.
  2. Other users are not utilizing QuickBooks’ Single User Mode.
  3. The server must be up and running.
  4. The QuickBooks program does not provide a command to open a specific company file to avoid accessing numerous business files.
  5. The path to the company file in QuickBooks must be correct and cannot be altered.
  6. Check that the company file name on both platforms is the same.


Call of Action

Now, you know how to get rid of the QuickBooks error code 80040408. This blog also provides you with the reasons and some basic steps you should follow before jumping to the solutions. However, if you encounter the error even after following the solutions, then contact our ProAdvisors to get it resolved. Thank You!