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QuickTutor Disrupts The Online Tutoring Industry




This unique app connects anyone who wants to learn to tutors who can teach them, in real-time — from mathematics or physics to skydiving or cooking, with just the tap of a button

Some people have fixed cars and built entire houses relying solely on online video tutorials. But for others looking to learn new things for projects, online sources just won’t cut it– either because the right kind of information they need simply isn’t available, or a face-to-face tutorial is just too expensive.


In March of 2016, the then 18-year-old Collin Vargo was in that very predicament — the Michigan-based college student was struggling to study for an algebra midterm but could not find the help he needed online to get through the late-night cram session. With his university’s tutoring center closed and no friends to turn to, Collin searched for a tutoring website online — but he only found a few and they were unbelievably expensive for a broke college kid with tutors who weren’t available 24/7.

And this is when the idea of QuickTutor was born. Founder and CEO, Collin Vargo coined this one-of-a-kind app with the slogan: “Learn Anything. Teach Anyone.” Now, QuickTutor has established itself as the first app that connects anyone who wants to learn to the people who can teach them — from anywhere in the world.

This app goes beyond what one would normally think about tutoring — though it is highly effective for those in elementary, high school, or college. But learning doesn’t have to stop after formal schooling. With QuickTutor’s 9,000 subjects, anyone can learn anything with the tap of a button or become a tutor and make money teaching the thing they are great at:

  • Stay-at-home moms wanting to learn pottery or knitting
  • Classic car buffs can help others fix broken vehicles
  • Columbia University student struggling with Aristotle’s Ethics
  • World traveler can show others around foreign cities for extra cash
  • Daredevil looking to take on skydiving
  • Karaoke queens can teach others to improve their vocals

Tutoring has become one of the fastest-growing side-hustles in the new gig economy, and QuickTutor has embraced that, allowing users to make money tutoring and even switch profiles and use that money to pay for tutoring.

Here’s how it works for tutors:

  • Register as a QuickTutor .
  • Build your profile, set your price, and begin receiving connection requests from users.
  • Message and set up sessions with users.
  • From each session, you’ll earn ratings and reviews from your learners, whether it’s an online (video call) session or an in-person session.
  • Sessions can last as short or as long as a user would like and are on a pay-as-you-learn basis.
  • The money will instantly go into your bank account when you’ve finished tutoring with QuickTutor’s safe & secure direct deposit.

Here’s how it works for learners:

  • Type in any subject, skill or idea and you have instantly loaded a list of tutors
  • Search for and evaluate potential tutors by their skills, fees, and ratings to find the right tutor for you.
  • Learners can choose to meet up with their tutor at a local area, invite the tutor into their home, or do an instant video call session from anywhere.
  • QuickTutor is the first application that allows tutors to also rate learners/users.

So, if you’re interested in learning literally anything and everything, download the QuickTutor app today on the Apple App Store. Follow @QuickTutor on Instagram to stay up-to-date.

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine