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Quilo Modernizes the Feelings of Comfort




As a child, asthma was often an issue, so my mother often bought one humidifier a year to help break down visible and invisible dust and other issues that kept us up coughing or generally finding it hard to breathe.

So it’s unsurprising that I was excited to test out Quilo as a seasoned tester and reviewer of humidifiers.

While I coughed and wheezed, and found it hard to breathe, I watched my parents regularly emptying buckets of water left from the day before. Quilo smartly uses a drain tube that can be connected for continuous drainage – something mom and dad would have appreciated!

Quilo allows both cool veils of mist during the summers and warm moisture during the colder days. I was impressed by these opposite settings based on the environment. What more, the Dehumidifier Setting locked off the air conditioning and started extracting moisture.

This is key, particularly in the summer. It is said that there is no greater risk of bacterial growth. In fact, the warmth encourages bacterial growth and either needs to be cleaned daily. There is no risk of burning and it is often easier to breathe in cool air than warm air. Warm air is very stuffy and makes me feel more congested. It seems like nothing helps clear sinuses better than cool air.

I’m surprised at how light it is to carry; despite its size, looks are deceiving.

My concern is user-friendliness. I’d consider making the instructions on the book and the appliance itself a bit more intuitive with more icons.

The style is nice. Colors are standard. I love that it can be used both horizontally or vertically for easy fitting in various places.

I’d eye it well with my 9-year-old judgment and fall in love soon after. It appears that much time was thought into the design of Quilo. Kudos.

Remi Alli, JD, MS has worked for publications such as Forbes and Investopedia, and in her work with Brāv, the premier online platform to manage conflicts (, has been featured in such journals including U.S. News and World Report, MONEY, TIME, The Huffington Post and Yahoo! She is a double award winning techie and a three-time award-winning writer, with her most recent: a national legal award.