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R. Nicole’s Brilliant Eye for Design and Comfort Comes to Life in the R. Nicole Collection and Tashka



Designing everyday items requires a passion for creating and consideration for the people who will end up using those creations. Because of massive commercialization or inaccessibility, sometimes, the items’ style and design are far removed from its supposed users.

The shoes are too pinchy, and the form looks impersonal; the bags are too bulky with not enough compartments. Most people are pushed to take matters into their own hands and create the thing that works for them.

R. Nicole Sharp knows what the feeling all too well. She, too, pushed to create something that works for her.

R. Nicole worked in the corporate world before she decided to make multiple income streams at the same time in various industries, or also known as a “slash or slashie” entrepreneur. She is managing two different brands of two equally distinct items. R. Nicole is a shoemaker and shoe designer for R. Nicole Collection and a travel bag designer for Tashka Store. Becoming a fashion designer was a dream of R. Nicole, and with her brands, she can finally achieve it.

R. Nicole Collection designs shoes for groups and various organizations, prioritizing stylish comfort together with backend data analytics. Beginning small, R. Nicole designed a pair of shoes for someone to wear to a sorority conference that led to many women being impressed. By word-of-mouth, her talent spread like wildfire, and women were asking for more.  Their customers always have a voice when it comes to the collection’s new releases; they can vote which models will pull through and which needs revision. R. Nicole encourages open communication with her patrons as well, listening to customer feedback and also allows customizations under their new Made to Order Process approach.

Tashka is R. Nicole’s patented convertible travel bag. The inspiration for R. Nicole was based on experience: while she was still in the corporate industry, her frequent business travel bags were complicated and bulky because she couldn’t fit all her items in one bag. Searching the market for a carry-on that suited her best was futile. Undeterred, she set off creating her designs that fulfilled all of her needs in one bag. R. Nicole named it “Tashka,” inspired by the Irish phonetic word “Taisce,” meaning to “store, treasure, or hoard items which we value.”

Patenting and manufacturing Tashka wasn’t an easy process. Some events needed more priority, such as giving care for her aunt with Alzheimer’s, and her health shock that led to emergency surgery. Though familiar with the manufacturing process, she traveled back and forth abroad to source her materials, and it took her years to find a manufacturer that will make her vision a reality. Three product samples later, Tashka was finally released to the market and was loved and bought by many.

Tashka is a unisex travel bag that comes in two different sizes, carry-on, and extended stay, and is a piece of convertible luggage. It adheres to travel size regulations and is lightweight and water-resistant. R. Nicole thought about the design and usability carefully and thoroughly. There are security locks for the zippers, a hook for hanging, and adjustable straps that are foldable and with multi-compartments. There is no wonder why people love it so much.

Without a doubt, R. Nicole is incredibly gifted when it comes to composing objects that greatly benefit herself and those around her, including her ten thousand followers on Instagram. Her improvements have made lives easier for many, and R. Nicole will continue to scheme until she and everyone else can live a life of quality.

Know more about R. Nicole by visiting the Tashka Store website, and her Instagram accounts here and here.

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