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Real Estate Concierge Auctions Leads With Innovation and Transparency



Innovation serves as one of the most critical concerns of any enterprise that wishes to dominate their industry, and it is an area known to be the home turf of Real Estate Concierge Auctions or RECA. 

With how much innovation can help companies grow and stand out, it is no surprise that emphasis is placed on dismantling the status quo and introducing products, services, and systems that have the potential to revolutionize a particular industry. For RECA, it has become second nature to this authority in buying and selling luxury real estate to bring out new ways to up the game. 

Real estate leader Simon Polito is credited for founding Real Estate Concierge Auctions 19 years ago and transforming it into a highly recognized brand. Responsible for brokering hundreds of international real estate transactions that resulted in over $600 million in sales, this mogul is acknowledged not only because of his extensive experience, accolades, and success but also for his continuous provision of personalized services and customer service-oriented approach as an entrepreneur. He is dedicated to California’s buyers and sellers and considers anyone who comes under his wing as part of the family.

Moreover, Simon has been consistently rated as the most trustworthy and effective real estate agent. And his consistency in providing all-inclusive plans, explaining the processes involved in every transaction, staying in close communication with his clients, and working toward their best interests have cemented his name. These skills and in-depth knowledge are what RECA is capitalizing in. 

At the heart of Real Estate Concierge Auctions is a unique and accelerated system that facilitates the most transparent and quickest way of selling and buying real estate. This proven setup is guaranteed to put more money back in the seller’s pocket, and RECA takes pride in the speed it takes for transactions run by the company to be done and dusted.

Its capable team of professionals is behind RECA’s signature concierge service, which is a method that takes away all the stress of a traditional transaction, shows the client all the steps of the system, and how to achieve success when utilizing this said system. 

Along with its core offerings, the reputable standing this brainchild of Simon has created in the industry is thanks to its devout commitment to the mission of delivering a relaxed and refined buying and selling experience. Making sure that integrity, expertise, and sophistication are always reflected in RECA’s everyday operations, it has carved a sure path toward the summit since its establishment.

So far, Real Estate Concierge Auctions has cultivated a way for its listings to experience shorter days on the market. Its agents spend less time showing property and holding open houses, and yet, this go-to venture boasts attendance rates that are incredibly high, resulting in the creation of higher, non-contingent multiple offers to sellers. 

In the coming years, Simon Polito plans to elevate Real Estate Concierge Auctions to greater heights, spearheading its evolution into becoming a national institution. And as RECA continues to expand, it vows to remain devoted to observing transparency and excellence.

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