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Recovery Marketing in Tough Times



Recovery Marketing in Tough Times
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Twenty-first-century marketing and networking require a lot of planning. Execution and follow up.

Wearing the right clothes and showing up in the right places is not enough. You’ll need to remember this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt; she was an American first lady ” Never allow a person to tell you no, who doesn’t have the power to say yes.” The power-schmoozer is the name given to the highly successful marketer who finds ways to get persons to get involved in a deep level of rapport with them and develop trust in them without too much effort. These persons will want to help you with aspects of your business.

People like doing business with individuals who they like and if you offer services and products they are interested in using. You’ll quickly become a part of their crowd, but if they don’t want you, it will be hard for you to do business with them. The information you need for becoming a power-schmoozer is here; now you can power schmooze your way to the top with little or no effort at all.

Having a hungry look in your eyes will turn off persons when you are at an event that gives you the perfect opportunity to do networking. It is always best to meet and greet persons as you develop your power schmoozing skills. If you are too aggressive when you are gathering or giving out your card, people will avoid you.

Having a business card and a 10-second elevator pitch that introduces you is crucial. You’ll quickly tell them who you are, by saying your name, your position in the company you work for what the top class service or product your company offers.

To be highly successful at this skill, you must give everyone the impression that you are there to assist them with your time, expertise and talents. You’ll quickly become the friend everyone wants to have.

You will let them know you are willing to learn from them as well, with this level of communication you won’t come across as someone who is selling anything and you will be making preparation to go to the next level of your operation.

This level will prove if you are serious about becoming a top power-schmoozer, as you will be taking your relationships to the next level. Once you have found the persons who you think will become good customers after a while, you will begin a personal campaign that involves sending them birthday cards, offering your time to help them in their groups events, take them to lunch, send them interesting articles, sending things that might interest them via email as you will be developing at least 50 professional relationships per year.

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