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‘Rene’ and Its Mission to Provide the Best Travel Care



Traveling to different places can be essential for some types of work. While the concept of travel sounds like a dream job with lots of perks, the possibility of encountering a travel accident brings the stake up high, especially if it happens in a completely different country without any loved one around.

But each time long-distance traveling needs to happen, it begs some questions. Does insurance cover this? What if the range of the insurance plan of the company does not include foreign places? What about COVID-19, is it covered?

This scenario was what happened to Atilio Spaccarotella, an Argentinean entrepreneur. He experienced a travel accident that left him with a huge medical bill and realized how bad the healthcare system is for travelers. From then on, Atilio decided to take it upon himself to correct a problematic industry that has not improved the slightest after many years and has failed many people. Atilio left his role as CEO at GTN Medical International and founded Rene in 2019.

Rene is a travel care platform that assists companies with the duty of care tools to maintain a level of safety and health for their employees during travels. Part of the company’s services is to implement travel safety assessments, provide tailored insurance, wellness programs, and telemedicine, and bring forth easy access to medical and emergency services to its users around the world.

So far, the company was able to raise capital from renowned and reputable investors like Quake Capital and Lair East Labs.

The platform works best with businesses that have employees always traveling, though they also give benefits and services to those that do not. The company lets businesses register for free and lets them choose to pay to insure their travelers or offer the dashboard as an added benefit for the entire staff.

The safety of their clients’ employees are their number 1 priority, so they have a high standard for themselves. Rene is always up-to-date with worldwide information on travel restrictions, advisories, and alerts. They make sure to offer the right type of insurance product, depending on the destination of the travel, using their proprietary algorithm.

The platform is quick to incorporate new features when the situation arises. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they added a new service that allows their clients to generate safe travel policies for the whole organization with just a few clicks.

Each traveler and company are unique when it comes to their own health concerns. This fact is precisely the reason why the company works with different insurance providers to cater to the exact type of insurance that is most appropriate and needed for each trip. But beyond coverage, Rene double-checks their clients if they are within compliance of the best duty-of-care practices. They also provide assistance before, during, and after the trip.

The company has coined the term CareSurance(™), a user-centered approach that focuses on people’s welfare. It is something every company should promote.

With over ten years of background and expertise in the healthcare industry, Atilio and his co-founder and long-time friend, Gustavo Lindenberg, envision the future of healthcare and insurance shifting into CareSurance. People’s daily well-being is at the center and given the utmost importance, giving them access to the right type of care whenever and wherever they need it.

To learn more about Rene Health, visit their website, and follow Atilio Spaccarotella’s personal Instagram account and Linkedin to stay updated.

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