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Returning Home to Your Splendor: A Journey with Bethany Inez and Splendor



Bethany Inez is an Intuitive Coach, Healthy Living Expert, and Founder of Splendor, which provides programs to assist people in reclaiming their health on all levels (mental, emotional, and spiritual). The mission of Bethany’s brand is to assist people in being more in tune with their best selves and realizing their brightest, happiest futures.

To help people reclaim their sense of vitality and the depth they previously knew in a society where they feel alienated from themselves and their realities, Bethany and her team at Splendor have developed a number of programs. The Splendor suite of programs helps people lose weight (though she says ‘release’ weight), design a life they adore, establish beneficial routines, find calm and tap into their personal power, and intentionally craft the pillars of their ideal existence.

Bethany’s path began when she owned salons and worked as a stylist; she quickly gained a reputation as someone who helped clients improve their life all around, not just their hair. But after interviewing hundreds of people, she noticed a trend: most people don’t see themselves for the powerful and distinctive individuals they are. She left the salon industry to pursue her calling as a Life Coach, where she has devoted herself to sharing what she has discovered, experienced, released, created, and embodied with other humans who need it; as a result, Splendor has been born.

Ketoneers Transformation, Ignite Your Dreams, Habit Hub, Rebirth, and Supreme Splendor are the five programs provided by Splendor. The Ketoneers Transformation is a group online program that lasts for three months. It helps people lose weight by helping them heal their relationships with food, their bodies, and most importantly, themselves. Ignite Your Dreams is a four-week-long online group adventure that helps people take action toward manifesting the life they truly want and desire. 

The Habit Hub program helps people become the best versions of themselves and bring into reality the life the they envision. Splendor’s 9-month Rebirth program helps people identify what isn’t serving them in life and remove it, while also helping them intentionally create a future that is in harmony with what lights up their soul. The intention of Supreme Splendor is to support people to become in tune with their highest selves and shine a light on their own special brilliance. It encourages people to open their hearts and act in accordance with their truth after they’ve been released from living in fear.

Bethany’s brand, Splendor, is an expression of her heart, soul, and life experiences as she travels the path of constant shaping and education on all areas of the human experience. Her greatest passion is helping others realize their worth and completeness so they can confidently advance to the next stage of their own personal progress.

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