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These 7 Mistakes Can Affect Your Rigid Boxes Badly



Rigid box

Rigid Box – Avoiding typical packaging design blunders will help to keep customers focused on what your brand does best. The impact you want your custom rigid boxes to have might be completely negated by poor implementation. The message your packaging conveys shouldn’t be at odds with how you’re trying to strengthen your brand.

Significance of Rigid Box:

Excessive Packaging

In addition to squandering time, money, and resources, excessive packaging in rigid box that don’t improve the customer’s experience also runs the risk of lowering the standard of their unboxing experience. Every layered element of the packaging should immerse the consumer further in the story of your business and leave a lasting impression that goes above and beyond their expectations.

Excessive packaging that doesn’t add value or is aesthetically pleasing might engender frustration, impatience, and, ultimately dissatisfaction. Beyond that, it can harm your brand’s reputation for being environmentally responsible by generating garbage (something every business should be aware of).

Generic Styles in Rigid Box

Generic designs are not only unattractive and difficult to distinguish from the competition but also frequently fail to accurately convey your distinctive brand. One of the key goals of packaging is to offer a platform that enthrals your audience and instantly distinguishes your products from rival goods.

It’s challenging to get the impression you want from your packaging without a unique design that complements your brand’s aesthetic. A brand’s packaging lacking substance will give a bad first impression. Such branding and packaging errors can turn away many potential customers if they perceive a lack of effort and creativity that you put into your custom printed rigid boxes.

Grammatical Errors

Few things cause as much conflict as glaring spelling and punctuation errors. Consider making this one of the most important packaging design errors possible. Typographical mistakes might make you look unprofessional, careless, or ignorant. There is a reason why our culture devotes so much time to teaching grammar and spelling to young people.

A civilised culture has always valued clear, precise communication highly. It’s a crucial way to develop trust. If a business doesn’t take the time and effort to convey to its market its expertise, attention to detail, and value, how can it expect customers to trust it? Check your orthograph twice on rigid box wholesale, then once more!

Variable white space for Rigid box

Considering how the white space is organised throughout your package is crucial because it’s essential for achieving a harmonious appearance of custom printed boxes. Strategically placed white space on rigid boxes can help your branding message stand out without being too intrusive because of its neutral contrast.

It may appear vivid at first, but a disorganised rush of colours is a packaging design blunder to avoid. If there is too much going on at once, it may turn away clients. Include a sufficient amount of symmetrically dispersed white space. To effectively spread the word about your brand, a balance of contrast and clarity can be achieved in this way.

Unreadable prints or labelling

If your clients can’t understand the printing or labels on your custom printed rigid boxes, they serve very little purpose. You’re potentially adding friction and frustration to the purchasing experience by taking away value from the package. One packaging design error that must be avoided at all costs is this one. If component listings or critical instructions are unclear, it could render your product useless. Illegible prints show a lack of attention to the intricacies of your finished product, similar to typographical errors, and may reflect adversely on your business.

The wrong type of box

Pay close attention to the kind of corrugated cardboard that was used to make custom rigid boxes. By preventing damage during shipment, the materials used to package your items are intended to fulfil a practical purpose. Making the wrong material choice could harm your items before they reach your customer. This packaging error will cost you money and give your customers a bad first impression. Corrugated cardboard with a single and double wall has significant variances. What kind of box you ultimately select should depend on the weight and fragility of your product.

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The wrong box sizes

Picking the right box size has two benefits. It ensures that an excessive shipment won’t mislead clients, and the cargo will be suitably protected. Please refrain from making your rigid boxes appear larger than they are in an attempt to deceive potential customers. This is a certain way to destroy any trust you’ve earned for your business and will simply make it look foolish.


Hopefully, you can now simply steer clear of typical packaging design blunders. Errors in branding and packaging design typically show a lack of effort and attention to detail. A company that permits itself to be seen as careless or unprofessional will undoubtedly endure slow growth and ultimately struggle to realise its full potential. Give your customers solid reasons to believe in your brand, such as excellent products, first-rate customer service, and professionally designed custom rigid boxes.