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Rigid Stock is quite Suitable for your Gift Boxes



Rigid Boxes

Whenever you talk about rigid packaging stock a feeling of luxury packaging came into your mind. However, these boxes have the potential to increase the brand value of your product. The impressive-looking packaging direct impact your brand’s value. You can say that you can increase your brand value and company reputation if your pick the right solution for the display of your business items.

Packaging brands are offering various options for the wrapping of your products belonging to various domains. For instance, these rigid boxes are quite famous in the packaging of various cosmetic items, as well as they are quite ideal for the packaging of various kinds of clothing items. Like ties, shirts, etc.

Rigid Packaging Boxes

Besides this these Rigid Boxes are quite perfect for sending give away and PR to different influencers and bloggers. Although there are a lot of options for customers to modify their product’s packaging solutions respectively. Custom boxes made with rigid stock have a tough surface that’s why you can easily use them for the long-route delivery of your products. As they have the potential to maintain shape due to stiff packaging solutions.

Rigid Boxes in Clothing Brands

Whenever you need to send any shirt or dress as a gift to the dear one you can use these rigid boxes. The superior quality finishing makes you able to able to present your products gracefully in the retail market. Moreover, there are an array of variations that can be adopt for a better presentation of your product’s looks and representation. Custom Rigid Boxes can be designed in different styles some of which are listed here:

  • Magnetic closer option

These durable boxes can be made with a magnetic closer style. These boxes provide a better secure and protective environment for the packed items. Moreover, some of the brands also use stickers or buttons too for the different kinds of closers, but a magnetic closer looks most elegant on your sturdy boxes.

These boxes are mostly prepare in one solid color whereas you can also do printing on these boxes in different colors or you can also use foiling to add a logo on the middle of the packaging box. However, this box style is very popular in the packaging of ties, studs, and broaches.

  • Separate lid Style

The second style is categorize as a two-piece box style, these are popular in the packaging of shirts. The separate lid helps you to pack your shirts gracefully in these boxes. Levis and many other famous clothing brands used this box style for the packaging of your stylish clothing items. Moreover, the style and ultimate grace of these boxes. Allow you to showcase your products with elegance, as you can confidently present these items to your friends and family.

  • Booklet Shape Style

The booklet shape boxes also provide a wide opening but in this style, the lid is attach from one side. As it is clear from the name of the box style that these boxes have a book-style opening. The lid is attach from one side. These Rigid Packaging Boxes are also utilized to send any edible products, like chocolates, brownies, and many other products, you can use these boxes as an invitation box as well.

  • Tray with a sleeve

Last but not least the famous two-piece style can also be made with rigid or corrugated stock. The tray is made with rigid stock but sleeves can be made with Kraft or cardboard stock. You can do customize printing on the sleeves, as well as you can add a die-cut window on it as well. These trays are popular for the packaging of perfumes.

Perfect Boxes for your Business

The tray are slide inside the sleeve and makes your product boxes more impressive and attractive for the targeted audience. By summing up, I must say, in any case, you need to select all the customization choices cautiously. First and foremost, you need to pick any dependable and strong bundling material for the creation of a bespoke solution for the wrapping of your product. Moreover, you have choices like cardstock, cardboard, creased, and Kraft. Assurance of shirts profoundly relies on the nature of the material that you utilized for the bundling.