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Rocky Garza On What You Need To Build A Life You Believe In



If you haven’t come across his name, you’ve certainly seen videos of him and his discussions on encouragement, being in control of who you are and ultimately, getting to know who you really are on Instagram and IGTV. It may come up regularly on your Explore feed or shared by your friends who could totally relate. Rocky is setting himself apart from the rest by posting videos, creating a community, Be Known and even more so, creating an entirely new process of getting to know who you really are which is called, Identity Mapping.

With thousands of people following him on Instagram, one thing is for sure: people needed to hear the truths about ourselves. Rocky speaks about living with conviction and finding yourself in a different way that people wanted to hear more and get to know him more. He’s so eloquent, it changes the way you see yourself after he speaks. This is exactly what he wants people to do and that is to go into a process of self-discovery and look themselves for who they really are.

Before Rocky became a top motivational speaker, he has walked alongside thousands of individuals at Sky Ranch Summer Camp as a Summer Camp Director. He counseled and supported hundreds on the pastoral staff at Chase Oaks Church. Most importantly, he has now taken thousands through his signature Identity Mapping process leading them to have the clearest picture of who they are and how they operate best as individuals.

For Rocky, confidence, and conviction is what you need to build a life that you believe in. In order to find this, Identity Mapping is key. 

Identity Mapping is his very own signature process. It walks people through an intensive process of self-discovery. Unlike personality tests online, Identity Mapping is not an assessment that is taken online and tells you about yourself. Rather, it is a process of self-discovery where you take time to put away distractions and uncover the truth. Many of us live a life that has been told to us and not our own story. Identity Mapping allows us to uncover the lies, live into the truth of who we are and build a life we believe in.

Rocky admits that there is no shortcut in finding yourself. You must be able to do the work and patiently go through the process of self-discovery. With Rocky, he helps you discover the conviction and confidence you need in order to build a life you believe in. The entire process shows that we have different personalities and character traits, and one way to find yourself is to see yourself for who you really are, and not what people think you are or what you think you are because of what you do. Once you walk through that important process of self-discovery, you create a language of your own that is impossible to replicate. 

Today, Rocky finds himself to be surrounded by people who want to know more and find out more of they should to finally find themselves and know themselves. He is continuously proving why it’s worth it to join the community he’s built and the unparalleled experience you can have when you work with Rocky.

If you’re a corporate team who’s looking to consult Rocky, visit his Instagram at or his team culture consulting firm at 


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