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Samir Kahlot’s Journey to Financial Freedom Began With a Single Decision



Business can be a risky and tricky field to navigate. That’s why so many people are reluctant to try their hand at it. But Samir Kahlot took the leap into becoming a business owner, which turned out to be the best decision of his life.

In 2017, Samir dropped out of college to pursue his goal of becoming a successful business owner. Prior to this decision, Samir had been working in retail at a Tennessee mall for roughly three years. It was then that he realized that neither a degree in business management nor his current position would get him to where he wanted to be in life.

Gathering his wits, his savings, and his sales experience, Samir decided to invest in an embroidery machine and hoodies to design and sell clothes online. He did not quit his retail job right away because he knew it would mean the loss of a source of income and a way to finance his startup clothing brand. So he funneled 80% of each paycheck towards his business.

Samir knew that knowledge was valuable in every endeavor, and for this, he turned to the internet, where he spent countless hours on Google and YouTube, researching and educating himself about e-commerce, advertising, website design, and branding. Samir then created a website using Wix and immediately switched to Shopify to list all his custom-designed hoodies, sweatshirts, tees, and phone cases. He then began sending these products to influencers and friends to create and promote content. Before he knew it, he had a growing following on Instagram and started making sales from the influencer marketing campaigns.

Samir never stopped learning. He learned that he could not rely on influencers alone, so he started investing in Facebook and Google ads. But this turned out to be a bad move, as he lost all the money he made from the influencer campaigns and went into debt.

Though he was disheartened and his family encouraged him to seek employment in the family business or get a degree, he persisted with his dream. Instead of saving up, he put in every cent into learning even more, taking up Facebook advertising courses, listening to audiobooks, and taking up mentorship courses. In just eight months, he managed to rebrand his company and went from being in debt to making $60K per month.

In 2018, he came across Hayden Bowles on Instagram, who earned $100K in a single day, and this inspired Samir to think bigger than the income he was getting at the time. Six thousand dollars later, Samir flew out to Los Angeles to get mentored by Hayden Bowles for six hours to learn how to take his business to the next level. The day after being mentored, Samir more than doubled his daily sales. He finished the year with his first $100K a month.

Samir’s business grew to a height he never imagined possible. He managed to make $300 K a month by managing Facebook ads, and once he gathered momentum, scaling became almost effortless. This led Samir to start four more niche brands in 2019. Using his branding and marketing techniques, Samir managed to make his first $100K day and first $1 million month profit.

He has now marketed and sold everything from embroidered hoodies, jewelry, fitness leggings, hair products, and skincare products, to name a few.

Today, Samir Kahlot offers courses on his business strategies and approaches that he uses on all his 6 to 8 figure brands, and through this, he hopes that aspiring business owners learn how to take their business to the next level. His goal is to help hundreds of thousands of people achieve financial freedom.

If you’re wanting to learn more about marketing, branding, and increasing your income; You can get more information about Samir Kahlot by visiting his website, following his Instagram, and subscribing to his YouTube Channel.

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