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Setting Up a Neat & Functional Kitchen Camping Shelter



camping cooking shelter

Every camper and tent dweller should be aware of a few practical and simple things such as how to set up a camp kitchen. When you are heading towards a backcountry fun camping trip, you may need many things if you are planning on a longer stay.

Even if you feel that you have purchased an ideal tent that serves all kinds of purposes, it is recommended that it is entirely safe and functional. Setting up a camping cooking shelter outdoors is not an easy feat. You have to overcome the risk of creating an accidental fire or tempting wildlife to come closer to the open kitchen.

Making a Kitchen Shelter

You need to create a safe kitchen shelter, which is at a good distance from the tent. You can do this with a tarp shelter kit. Setting up a tent shelter is a wonderful idea as a safe and functional space.

Some helpful tips to set up a secure kitchen shelter:


  • Decide on the kitchen space and set up your shelter according to the kit guidelines
  • Add a firm and solid flat surface for keeping your utensils and cooking meals
  • Bring a flat surface like a folding table with an enclosed storage space
  • Store items for everyday use in the kitchen storage area
  • Do not bring food items that have a strong smell that may attract wildlife to your camping place

Details About Food Storage

You can get a cooking table with good storage space underneath. That can solve your storing issues, you can store things such as cooking pots, plates, skillets, serving ware, and more. You should slot your food into two segments; wet and dry goods. You can store both parts separately in secure containers. Dry foodstuffs can be stored in rubber totes that have fitting lids. Cold foods can be kept in traditional coolers by adding ice. You can also bring a propane-powered fridge to store cold cuts and meats.

Sanitation & Cleaning Up Area

Creating a space for cleaning up utensils before and after meals can be a good idea. A station for washing dishes with a sink can do the trick. You can buy a camp sanitation cleaning table or a portable water container.

Tarp Camping Shelters

Tarp shelters are most advisable for long-distance campsites. You can carry the tent on your back as it is considerably lightweight. They may be heavier than bivy bag tents. A tarp tent can provide the best protection against bad weather. You can even combine tarp shelters with bivy sacks to add variation.

Double Wall Tents

If you want a solid self-supporting structure, which is waterproof and offers variety, then double wall tents are for you. You can get such tents in any shape or size. These tents are an excellent option for a family camping trip and offer full protection.

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