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Seyed Jafar Jafari Taking the Next Step in Impacting Lives



A curious mind is a mind destined for greatness as the power to seek and ask questions is fundamental for all human progress. Seyed Jafar Jafari, also known as Master Jeff, is an Iranian-American educator and start-up investor who has, through his curiosity, changed the course of his life. He is now paying it forward by positively impacting the lives of thousands of people.

Born and raised in Iran, Jafar Jafari was a timid and isolated teenager. He felt trapped behind a lifetime of habits that slowly accumulated, making him a young adult who struggled to socialize with the outside world. Unlike most people, Jafari did not just resign to his fate. Craving change, he started asking the question, “What is the mechanism that creates change in a person’s outer world?.”

Curious and willing to seek answers, 18-year-old Seyed Jafari left his home in Iran and traveled the world. His multidisciplinary research in philosophy and social sciences took him throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Asia until he came to a straightforward conclusion, “If you change your habits, you change your lifestyle.” Intrigued, Jafari applied this theory to himself, shedding old habits, and the once shy teenager slowly transformed into a confident and outspoken young man. 

Realizing that there are many people like him out there struggling to reach their full potential, Jafar Jafari was inspired and determined to arm people with the knowledge, skills, and resources to help them achieve greatness. To do this, Jafar Jafari created the Psc Academy, Inc and used his designed signature programs and training seminars to teach others to change their habits and believe in themselves.

In the last two decades, Seyed Jafari has built a reputable legacy anchored in excellence, teaching the basis of success as the ability to first believe In oneself. Seyed Jafar Jafari has trained over 100,000 people in thirty-two countries, transforming their lives and helping them enhance personal and professional performance.

Recognizing the unique American culture that values self-reflection and improvement, Jafari emigrated to the United States in 2016. After settling in Los Angeles, California, Jafar Jafari set to build a community of purpose-driven Americans, helping them maximize their potential as they transform into their true authentic selves.

For the last four years, Jafari made new friends and connections. Backing his words by action, Seyed Jafari, more than merely believing in the individuals who are willing to take the risk and the next step to change the world in their unique way, has also invested in their ideas, prompting them to reach for greatness. When Seyed Jafari is asked what companies he invests in, he says, “I do not invest in companies, I invest in people.”

The impact of the COVID-19 global health pandemic this year was unprecedented. Jafar Jafari realized the pandemic’s effects on people’s mental health transitioned his training into a virtual seminar, reaching out and spreading positivity encouraging others to always find opportunities in any situation.

With no plans of stopping anytime soon, Seyed Jafar Jafari is officially launching his courses in North America in 2021.

You can reach out to Seyed Jafar Jafari via Instagram.

Name: Seyed Jafar Jafari

Phone Number: (424) 362-8684

Contact email:

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