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Sheila Mac Shares Her Story of Struggle and Redemption Through ‘Bootstraps & Bra Straps’



It is human to be easily discouraged when challenges appear along the way. Instead of fighting until they reach the top, some give up while comfortably saying, “It is not for me anyway.” This mindset is rampant among those who are satisfied in settling for less.

However, some remain resilient and never give up on their dreams despite the odds. These are individuals who long for a better and fulfilling life when they grow old – the ambitious ones who believe in attaining self-fulfillment.

Like Sheila Mac, these are people whose goals are more than paying debts and mortgages.

Sheila Mac did not start with everything being handed to her. She has had experiences that either scar or strengthen a person. When she lost everything to a fire that occurred in their beloved home, Sheila became homeless for a while and recently lost her youngest son to heart disease. Coupled with abuse, most people would think that she could not survive after everything that she has been through. But because of the help Sheila has received along the way, it made her resilient – like a wall has been constructed around her and pain became a friend.

Because of the help she got while she was at her lowest, she started to realize how other people need the same support that she had received. That is why when she slowly rose back up from the fall, she began shaping her career in helping others conquer their life’s most challenging circumstances.

The drive to help others was not solely a result of the struggles that she faced. Sheila already had the innate ability to help others, especially in finding the light at the end of the dark tunnel. That passion only grew when she experienced and conquered all the challenges that came before her. She then gathered these insights and created something for others – a book.

Sheila is an author of ‘Bootstraps & Bra Straps.’ It is a book that helps those who are currently struggling to get back up even after numerous obstacles. She believes that with the current climate where mental health is still a stigma in some parts of the country, she thought it best to open a discussion about self-care to help bring people into an awareness of the effects and talk more openly about these issues. That is why, apart from the book, she also speaks and teaches online courses and consults with both businesses and individuals who wish to reinvent their lives or work environments and have even more success. 

Driven by overwhelming passion, Sheila has developed a simple strategy for individuals who hit rock bottom. Especially during these trying times, Sheila believes that the need to lift others is now more imminent than ever before.

With her experiences, coupled with her inherent ability to help, Sheila has shown how aid can be given in many ways. Other than being there for the person, one can also help the other by providing him or her the means to cope. It may be little for some, but for those who continuously struggle, it helps them to take their power and life back. 

If you’re interested in joining Sheila’s Facebook Community to know more about Bootstraps & Bra Straps, it will be available on August 4, 2020, on Amazon, Kindle, and Audible. And if you wish to connect with like-minded friends, join the community of like-minded friends on the official Facebook page, and follow Shiela Mac on LinkedIn for more updates.

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