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Simply Savory by Rachel Breaks Flavor Barriers with Spices in a Bottle



Cooking is not only a needed life skill but also a form of art. Correctly choosing and concocting the right herbs and spices to make every dish a masterpiece takes patience and passion– qualities that make Simply Savory by Rachel stand out. 

Rachel Blanks founded Simply Savory in 2019, mostly because of requests from friends and family and her passion for preparing delicious dishes for other people. The Domestic Diva is what they began calling her in Tallahassee, FL, because of her scrumptious dishes and recipes that always have a twist!

As a degree holder in business administration and a master’s degree in educational leadership from Florida A&M University, Rachel is one of those who have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She always had a dream of establishing her own business because she knew deep down that she didn’t fit in the same mold as others and she would not let the entrepreneurial flames inside her die. 

While working as a full-time educator, Rachel cooks as her way of release. Her friends and family genuinely enjoy her cooking and made her want to harness her talent more and more each day. In 2011, she gave a container of her one of a kind multi-purpose blend to all her 250 guests. By the time they returned from the honeymoon, she knew she needed to put it into the market. 

Shortly thereafter, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which gives her chronic pains. Sometimes, it even makes it hard for her to prepare meals. At first, it was heartbreaking for her to ask her husband or mom to do what she loves the most, preparing a full-course meal to be enjoyed by all. However, she knew that admitting her weakness was a strength, that knowing when to ask for help is how people grow. 

Knowing the limitations various diseases cause, Rachel knew that there are people who suffer the same struggles, and Simply Savory by Rachel was made to bulldoze the roadblocks in the way to making delectable meals. As Rachel said, “Why be limited in the kitchen–flavor has no limits with Simply Savory by Rachel!”

Anyone can travel the world with the flavors packed in each spice. Confusion with which herbs to buy and use will be lessened, advantageous to those who are starting to explore their kitchens. A bottle filled with bold flavors, for creating a masterpiece in the kitchen, is what Simply Savory by Rachel delivers. 

In line with this goal, she makes sure that each product’s production consists of freshly ground herbs and spices with no fillers. In her mind, with freshness packed in every bottle, the goal of making dishes will be made more comfortably and better meals can be achieved.

Good food is something that people from all over the world enjoy without a doubt, from all walks of life. Simply Savory with Rachel continuously strives to give flavors to help make it easier for everyone to make every home-cooked meal delectable. 

Check out her official website for a complete list of flavors in a bottle from Simple Savory by Rachel.

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