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Six Common Project Management Mistakes in Printing Business



Six Common Project Management Mistakes in Printing Business

Do you know project management, if not done right, makes a business more vulnerable to failures and hampers its growth? Yes, that’s right. Even though 97% of businesses agree project management influences their performance and success ratio, the fact it’s still not taken seriously in the market will astound you. Here are the statistics that prove our claim:

  • 33.3% of projects have no direction. [Wellingtone]
  • Only 56% of project managers hold relevant certifications to do their job. [Wrike]
  • 37% of projects fail due to a lack of clearly defined objects to measure progress. [PMI]]

So, does it surprise you that only 2.5% of businesses can finish off 100% of their projects successfully? It does not matter which domain you function it or how big is your printing company – project management can keep your employees on the right path and help them solve problems quickly.

Therefore, if you have been taking project management rather lightly, now is the time to buck up. Here are six common project management mistakes that your printing company can correct promptly:

  1. Unclear business objectives

Project management is only successful when your printing company functions as per pre-defined goals. Without a clear objective, you can provide direction to your teams or address bottlenecks efficiently. Therefore, it is essential for you to not only have a vision for your business but also intimate the same to your team effectively.

The reason most businesses have a project failure of 70% is that they do not have a senior management team chalk out quarterly/annual objectives. Seriously – if you want to thrive, identify your goals, and work towards them.

  1. Poor resource planning

A project can’t get completed if your teams are not allocated work properly. For starters: you can’t allow the senior managers to work low-billable jobs and put the responsibility of high margin tasks on executives.

The work should be divided based on many factors, such as the importance or urgency of a task, deadlines, timescales, and more. To make your resource planning a breeze, deploy any project management tool like Zoho, Basecamp, or Jira.

That will not only give you a bird’s eye view of your teams but also tell you who is placed at the moment and how.

  1. Ambiguous team responsibilities 

“We don’t know where to begin” is not something you want to hear from your team at the start of a project. It doesn’t matter whether their goal is to pitch more clients or optimize inventory and supplies if your team is clueless about the work they have to accomplish, you should fix it at the earliest.

To avoid such a scenario, ask your project managers or team leads to having a kickoff meeting before the beginning of any project. Discuss the KPIs and responsibilities of every employee and make sure they know how their contribution is going to affect the business.

  1. No web2print software solution

As the owner of a printing company, you can’t help but agree on the importance of implementing a software solution that helps you manage not only your customers but also vendors. After all – the success of your business lies in how efficiently you perform.

A web2print software solution can help you with the quotation, inventory management, order, and shipment tracking, advanced reporting, and more – just so that your printing company can function most efficiently.

If you haven’t deployed web-to-print technology yet, be ready to deal with increased operational bottlenecks and wasted resources.

  1. Unsegmented project tasks

For any team to breeze through deadlines requires them to prioritize the tasks. After all – there’s only so much that project managers can do. They are not superheroes who can finish up jobs in a jiffy. Therefore, break down all your tasks into smaller, achievable chunks.

It is better to finish a project bit by bit than work on bigger chunks only to rework on them because they were not aligned with the business strategy. Attainable goals form the core of project management. Therefore, make sure your project is divided in such a way that your teams can make progress every day.

  1. Defective communication

An Atlassian study reports that almost 60% of project managers find lack of communication as the biggest obstacle to business success. While it is essential to have a kickoff meeting at the start of a project, you should also ensure sprint planning meetings every week or month.

That can help project managers become aware of the progress being made on the project and address any bottlenecks hampering the deliverability. Deploy collaboration tools like WebEx, Slack, and GoToMeeting to ensure your teams stay well connected at all times.

For a printing company like yours, it is all the more important to ensure clear communication as you deal with customers daily.

Over to you

A project is an organic element that is continuously evolving. That’s why you not only need to train your teams also but adequately implement the right tools that can support your goals and objectives. Therefore, for starters, choose the right web-to-print software solution.

Amy Watson is professional expert in printing addons and software development technology. She has more than 5 years of experience in product customization software. She has just research, analysed and introduced about web-to-print product customize software to use anytime from anywhere. Learn more about online printing web-to-print product customization software configurator with demo.