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Social Media Influencer Nicole Evertsen Shares What It’s Like as a Brazilian in the United States



When the mobile app Instagram was first launched in 2010, it opened the doors to many new opportunities for everyone. Visual artists and photographers found a platform to showcase their works while businesses could advertise and inform people about their service. Instagram also became one of the earliest platforms that brought about influencers. Today, there are thousands of influencers worldwide, and among them is Nicole Evertsen.

Nicole Rabello Evertsen is an influencer who lives in the state of Utah. However, unlike other influencers, Nicole has the unique story of being born and raised in Brazil. She would later move to America at sixteen as a foreign exchange student. In the one year Nicole was studying abroad, she fell in love with the country and decided to come back one day.

After her studies, Nicole returned to Brazil and served a Latter-day Saints mission in the Sao Paulo East mission. Once her service was finished, Nicole would return to the United States. This time, she brought her mother and younger sister. Upon her return, Nicole and her family would move around and take residence in Connecticut, Ohio, Utah, California, Kansas, and New Jersey.

Nicole Evertsen started her influencer career in 2014 on Instagram when she partnered with different brands and companies. Nicole used her platform to sway her audience towards certain brands, products, or lifestyles like other influencers. With a growing following, more brands started reaching out to her to promote their products. Since then, she has accumulated over 169k followers on the social media platform. Apart from Instagram, Nicole also creates content on YouTube. There she covers various topics and mainly shares her lifestyle and what it’s like as a Brazilian living the dream in America. 

Scrolling through her feed, one can find that many of Nicole’s posts feature her husband, Tyler. The couple got married in 2015 in Salt Lake Temple and carried their reception over to Murray. Together, they share an enthusiasm and passion for exploring and traveling. It was only last year that the couple bought their first house together. 

When the mobile app TikTok started to gain more popularity, Nicole joined in the trend last year. Since November last year, she has been consistently posting about her daily life and adventures with her family and friends. Today, Nicole has nearly 200k followers on her TikTok.

Outside of being a social media influencer, Nicole Evertsen is also a professional wedding photographer. With a reputation as an influencer, she drops tips on how people can improve their photography skills, whether they’re using cameras or their mobile phones. Nicole’s newest venture has her opening two online stores early next year. 

The first store is a collaboration between Nicole and her mother. They will be using the earnings to donate to charities directed towards education. Her second online store will be run herself, which will then donate their proceedings to Bee foundations. More than anything, Nicole Evertsen loves making an impact in this world.

Nicole Evertsen’s works can be found on her Instagram. She also runs a YouTube channel where she posts her blog along with her TikTok.

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