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Solving the Hat Problem: How a Celebrity Stylist Lindsay Albanese Fixed This Issue for Millions of Hat Lovers



celebrity stylist Lindsay Albanese

Celebrity stylist Lindsay Albanese has worked with some of the biggest names and productions in the entertainment industry, including American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, E!, Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight.

She’s always loved hats as a staple accessory but they are not the easiest things to travel with. Lindsay just launched TOPTOTE™ by LINDSAY ALBANESE, a patent-pending fashion accessory that will be the first product on the market to give people the option of carrying their hat hands-free.

You might recognize Albanese as a TV personality and social media influencer, who has shared her fashion and beauty tips with millions, helping encourage women to dress and feel more confident, comfortable and in charge. And now, as an inventor and entrepreneur, she’s working to bring that sense of ease and order into people’s lives and their fashion choices.

“My mission is to cultivate sophistication and relatability in everything I do,” she explains. “Fashion is a reflection of how we feel, self-expression of how we want to present ourselves to the world and how we respect and honor occasions and life events.”

“Way back several years ago, I came across this issue with hat-wearing: either you have to wear one all day, or carry it around in your hand if you get sick of wearing it,” Lindsay explained. ‘And when it came to traveling, the commitment of having to wear it on early morning flights or carry it in your hand the entire trip was just a hassle. I hated the idea that my fashion choices were being dictated by this logistical challenge, and I knew there had to be a better option than the antiquated hatbox.”

Lindsay then created her own arts and crafts version of what would later become TOPTOTE™, which allowed her to carry her hat in a stylish way when traveling. People would stop her at airports and ask where she purchased the accessory, and she realized that this was something she could potentially market. Still styling full-time, Lindsay felt she didn’t have the time to invent a new product, but several years later, when contemplating her next career moves, she remembered what would become TOPTOTE™, and everything clicked.

TOPTOTE™ is the first product from the LINDSAY ALBANESE lifestyle brand. She plans on rolling out additional products that help create order and positive change in people’s closets and lives.

“I’m really excited to be launching my line because I want to find new ways to give people choices, ease, and flexibility with what they wear, how they travel, and how they live. I also want to inspire other women to go into the fashion industry as entrepreneurs. I hope my line sends an empowering message to women that they too can chase their dreams and create their own business with good, old-fashioned hard work.”

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