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Some Facts About Aspire Pockex Starter Kit:



The Aspire vape kit is a beautiful, easy-to-use vaping device that is ideal for new and seasoned vapers alike. The following facts about this kit are actual results noted overall by user reviews. You can make your vaping sessions more enjoyable after reading this blog!

Beginning With Your Aspire Pockex Basic Operation:

To turn the Aspire kit on or off, press the fire button 5 times quickly. The LED lights around it will flash blue and pink three times to signify whether the button has been switched on or off.

The charge level is indicated by the LED light when the gadget is turned on. Blue indicates that the charge is greater than 30%, while orange indicates less than 30%. When the indicator turns orange, the battery is low and should be charged.

How Do I Add E-Liquid To The Aspire Pockex?

Unscrew and remove the top cap, fill the tank with eliquid, don’t go over the max line, and then screw the top cap back onto the PockeX.

Changing The Aspire Pockex Coils:

Unscrew and remove the top cap, unscrew the current coil from the top cap and replace it, and then screw the top cap back onto the device.


The PockeX’s airflow is fixed. Many people typically support adjustable airflow, but removing it allows the Aspire vape kit to make style while still producing a powerful cigarette-style throat hit. The fixed airflow is medium, making it appropriate for Direct-Lung or lose Mouth-to-Lung inhales. 

How Much E-Liquid Should You Fill In A PockeX Kit?

The Aspire PockeX vape tank has a capacity of 2ml. Make sure to fill the tank sparingly when filling. There is a line next to the e-liquid viewing pane with small lettering that indicates Max – only fill your tank up to this line to avoid leaks.

Procedure For Replacing The Glass Of An Aspire PockeX Device:

If the glass on your Aspire kit fractures or breaks, you may easily replace it with a new glass tube.

  • Check that your tank is empty.
  • Turn off the PockeX kit.
  • Remove the top cap.
  • Remove the old glass from the tank.
  • Insert the replacement glass.
  • Reinstall the top cap.
  • If the seal is damaged, obtain some tissue paper and wipe around the seal and contacts before inserting the glass back.

Lifespan Of PockeX Coils:

Many things influence how long a coil lasts, including how long you puff, the e-liquid you use, and the wattage you use with your coil. Low-resistance coils will only last for a short time as high-resistance coils at higher wattages.


You may extend the life of your coil by priming it before use and keeping the PockeX e-juice tank filled up to protect it from drying out.

What’s The Deal With My Aspire PockeX Glowing Orange?

A flashing orange light surrounding the Aspire vape kit firing button shows a low battery and suggests the gadget should be charged.

Charging Time For The Aspire PockeX:

The PockeX should charge entirely in about an hour using the provided USB charging cord. When the gadget is ultimately charged, the light surrounding the fire button turns green.


The Aspire vape kit is unique and different from the standard e-cigarettes that many individuals have used over the years. So far, the appearance and feel are fantastic, and it has already been determined that it is cost-effective.