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Spa Connoisseur Deisy Suarez-Giles Inspires Readers with Her Love Story in “Marriage Material: How I Met My Husband”



The COVID-19 pandemic led to the shutdown of many business operations, including DESUAR Spa in downtown, Los Angeles. Spa connoisseur and owner of luxury DESUAR Spa, Deisy Suarez-Giles, suddenly found herself with much more alone time than usual. As an entrepreneur who has a natural affinity for being productive, she realized that the pandemic might have allowed her to jumpstart her other dreams in life.

Working in the beauty and wellness industry for over 16 years, she has always been focused on esthetics and wellness treatments. However, this successful businesswoman had another long-time dream, which was to write her own book. 

Shortly after the mandatory shutdown of her spa, she began working on her book, which later on was entitled “Marriage Material: How I Found My Husband.” The process of writing came naturally. Her mind led her to write about her pursuit of love. Her story is one with many twists and turns that touch on different emotions throughout its entirety. 

The book takes the reader on an adventurous and exciting journey by looking into how the chapters unfold between two very different individuals with opposite personalities who found themselves in love. Deisy and Keith had to face several challenges in their journey for love. 

For Deisy, she was too certain that her soulmate was not in Los Angeles and that he was probably somewhere far away. She traveled all the way to Paris, Monaco, St. Tropez, and New York, hoping that she would bump into love along the way. But to her disappointment, she did not. 

Little did Deisy know that the one for her was back at home in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. Right in front of her was her future husband, but Deisy would never realize this, considering that the two of them did not seem compatible. Nevertheless, love found its way. They eventually dated and learned how to put their differences aside. They realized that they were each other’s opposites, but instead of repelling, they could not be without each other. The attraction between them was magnetic. 

The book also looks into the realities of relationships, love, and marriage. One main challenge that the spa owner highlighted in her book was her bitter-sweet wedding day. As she married the love of her life, she was away from her loved ones. This is why Deisy knows how difficult it is for people who are away from their families during this pandemic. 

Today, Deisy and Keith Giles are blessed with two beautiful children. They work as a team in running their successful day spa business in California. They have worked hard for their relationship and have kept the fire and passion burning within their marriage. Keith continues to be supportive of his wife’s endeavors as a beauty and wellness expert, businesswoman, and philanthropist. 

On the other hand, Deisy hopes to inspire her readers through her book, especially during these tough times.

To know more about Deisy Suarez-Giles, feel free to check out her page.

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