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Business, Industry-Leading CRO Agency Acquired by Acadia


on has formally announced it has been acquired by AdAge award-winning digital marketing agency, Acadia. is known by the marketing industry as one of the top CRO (conversion rate optimization) agencies. increases conversion rates on websites to generate more sales, sign-ups, and subscriptions for clients like Disco and Alpha Lion. The CRO service comes with a persuasive money-back guarantee – if the service doesn’t deliver twice its fee in revenue over the first four months, clients receive a full refund. was named one of the top marketing agencies in 2022 by both Forbes and Bloomberg.

“I see this acquisition as a ‘power move’ for both and Acadia, as Acadia focuses heavily on other areas of client acquisition, and our CRO will do nothing but amplify results for every client,” said Dylan Ander, the founder of “Their focus on company culture and superior reputation sealed the deal for us, choosing Acadia over other agencies to sell to”.

Acadia is one of the few agencies bringing digital acumen from the world’s largest brands to middle-market businesses. Now, Acadia’s offerings will all be amplified tremendously through its acquisition of because CRO makes the entire digital ecosystem better.  It improves SEO, SEM, Paid Social, and all other marketing efforts.

Acadia offers mid-market clients the tremendous opportunity for growth by bringing together specialized and scarce services, including retail media and marketplace expertise (Amazon, Instacart, and full-service support), SEO, Media, Analytics (inclusive of 1P marketing database builds, audience management and customer segmentation) Organic Social, Dev and performance creative. It is independently owned, shareholder-owned and focused on culture and trust.  

“Too much of the industry is focused on increasing traffic when the optimal focus should be on converting traffic into consumers, customers, subscribers, and clients,” said Jared Belsky, co-founder and CEO of Acadia. “By helping clients with conversion rate optimization, we can now complete the transaction cycle that media is meant to feed. That’s mission-critical when media costs more, people spend less per purchase, and macroeconomic pressures weigh on marketing resources.”

After bringing on’s current CEO, Nick Harris, in early 2022, truly revolutionized what it meant to offer “split-testing-as-a-service,” being recognized as one of the top marketing agencies for ecommerce brands by both Forbes and Bloomberg in 2022. 

“This move will let us 10x what we’ve built on our own. With the support of the Acadia team, our CRO will continue to get better and deliver the best service we can for every one of our clients,” said Ander.


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