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Step By Step Process To Make A Toy Box From Spare Cardboard



Toy Box From Spare Cardboard

Boxes are always a good idea to hold, carry and store things, for toy boxes add the presentation and good to assemble them in one place. You do not need to spend money to purchase the build in the box from the marketplace. Make your own toy box from spare cardboard at home. You can make a unique toy packaging by using the cardboard and present it to kids as a gift and add the charm in celebration. No doubt the packaging boxes made up of the cardboard are cheap and anyone can make a good one to add the exiting impression towards the presented gifts. You can excite the kids with a different style, color combination as well as the customized design of the toy boxes.

There are some simple steps anyone can follow them to make unique toy packaging boxes through the simple way:

Step 1: Collect Some Cardboards

Everyone has some of the spare cardboards at home, which comes with different products. Like the grocery cardboard boxes, cereal boxes or boxes of any electronic items are made up of cardboard. You can also ask from friends, neighbors or even from the superstores. Assemble the collection and clean it up so you can have a finished toy box.

Step 2: Cutting and Binding

After the collection cut the required shapes from the cardboard, like the base of the box, side lengths, ends and top for the cover. Every cutting for the box has its measurement and sizes so keep remember the size of your toy box while cutting. After cutting attach each side with each other in a proper manner by using the glue or the glue gun. You can use the tape for this purpose but to get the perfect finishing of the toy packaging to prefer to use the glue gun.

Step 3: Decorate The Box

When you attached the main parts of the cardboard together then let it get some décor to have a good outlook. You can use the designed paper, silk or fancy fabric having bright colors or use ribbons and different glitters to decorate the toy box as per the desire. You can paste the fancy fabric around the cardboard box and add some ribbons on it to add the exciting impression of the toy box.

Step 4: Add The Dividers

After decorating the box add some portions inside the box to manage the toys or assembling parts of the toys as per the requirement. For a remote control car or for the building blocks you require different dividers as per the nature of the toy. It adds the manageable look to the box and every part of the toy can be placed on its own portion and you can avoid the mess.

Step 5: Add The Top Cover

By setting all the parts of the cardboard toy box attached the top cover or lid to end up the making of the box. Attached the one side of the lid with the length of the box with the glue and draw the flip on both edges. One an edge is attached with the one long side of the box and another flip is supposed to use to open and close the boxes from the other side.

Step 6: Add The Toys and Finished Up

When all steps are completed then keep the toys into your own cardboard toy box in an organized way, add some ribbons and even the stickers of the toys on the top lid of the box. To present it as the gift you can wrap the toy packaging box with the colorful ribbons and attached a greeting note with the box.

For sure you will enjoy the making of your own toy box by using the simple cardboards and it can be more exciting for the kids when they receive their favorite toy with the unique designed box.