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Strive for Stardom: JGomes’ Dynamic Style of Music Will Bring Him to the Top



Music is a part of everyday life for people, and a person has to be living under a rock not to experience music entirely. Still, for some, music is a more significant part of their lives than others, as they choose to pursue a life of music, whether as a leisurely activity or as something to make a living off, such as in the case of Jason Gomes, who is steadily working his way to fame.

With the stage name JGomes, this Connecticut native is the newest up-and-rising artist, rapper, and songwriter making waves in the music industry. Pouring his life experiences into his songwriting, what makes him truly stand out is the well-rounded, dynamic music style developed as the result of his experimentation with sounds, pushing the limits and trying out new ideas, until he is able to bridge various elements from different genres.

His tracks are laden with powerful messages told through story-telling lyricism and hard-hitting instrumentation, and his soulful delivery effortlessly captivates listeners of all ages. While others specialize in one or two styles, he refuses to cage himself in a single genre. Instead, he dabbles in a vast array of musical styles to be able to deliver his powerful messages with the desired impact.

Born to a DJ and a church minister, JGomes acknowledges that music had been a part of his life since his early days, and much of his early memories were of his family bonding over music. In 8th grade, he discovered that he had a knack for creating music of his own by thinking about what kind of message he wants to convey. He takes inspiration from elements in his environment to make music, and words and melodies just seemed to flow right out of his head and into the world, ready to be heard by anyone willing to listen.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and his father and his uncles were his inspiration for making music. Following in their footsteps, he also was a DJ for some time. His extensive background in music predisposed him to the development of his own unique, unparalleled sound. Today, he is one of the few artists gifted with the ability to switch between a vast arrangement of styles without losing the signature JGomes style. He hopes that through his music, he will touch the lives of people of various ages and backgrounds.

Intending to put his hometown on the map, he strives to rise to stardom and shine a light on Connecticut as home to many talented individuals—individuals who need only to be given a chance to flourish in the world of music. He laments the fact that some talents are stagnating due to the lack of opportunities and acknowledges that were they level on the playing field, some of these talents would probably make for decent competition. In rising to fame, he hopes to be able to help those people achieve their dreams as well.

The beauty of music is that there is always something perfect for every mood. There is always something new to be discovered, and there is nothing more satisfying than finding hidden gems in the works of artists who are just starting out. 

Take a break from the mainstream, and follow JGomes on Facebook to experience his music and keep up-to-date with his latest tracks.

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