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Successful Entrepreneur Michael Vincent Launches YouTube Channel to Share Effective Strategies to Business Owners



Accomplished businessman and entrepreneur Michael Vincent is making time to document his latest business venture through his YouTube channel The Leak TV. The purpose of this channel is to teach fellow business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs helpful tips on his YouTube channel. This initiative is Vincent’s way of raising a new generation of driven and hardworking business people who have the potential of experiencing the same success that he did.

Vincent finished a 5-year union apprenticeship program that certified him as a United Association (UA) Star Master Plumber and Journeyman. He was also previously a Junior Foreman before he decided to start his own side business as a car dealer. His car dealing venture grew tremendously in its first year of operation. By the time Vincent and his business partner reached their seventh year in the industry, the company was reaching a total of $20 million in sales and services per year. The exceptional success of their car dealership prompted them to sell it to another company so Vincent can pursue another venture.

Presently, Vincent is starting a commercial construction plumbing business. He is documenting every step of the process so he can teach other tradesmen/women and entrepreneurs how to do it through his YouTube channel The Leak TV. The content of his vlogs will feature learnings including but not limited to business formations, sales, and marketing. He will also talk about relationships and marriage as it relates to business. He believes that his YouTube subscribers can learn a lot from his profound experiences as an experienced plumber and successful businessman.

Other relevant topics that Vincent will talk about in his YouTube channel and website include the process of building up a commercial plumbing business, construction, software reviews, and tool reviews, to mention a few. He will also help subscribers weigh their options if they have a full-time job yet want to start their own business. Vincent will also differentiate between the different forms of businesses to choose from.

Helpful tips on leasing versus buying, digital marketing, developing a website, traditional marketing, hiring employees, accounting, and bookkeeping will also be some of Vincent’s topics on YouTube and his website. He will document the details of his day-to-day routine while developing his new business so he can walk subscribers through the process.

Additionally, Vincent intends to journey with his subscribers until they, too, reach their respective successes. He understands the value of mentorship and constant learning. After he completed his 5-year union apprenticeship program, he pursued further studies to learn 3D AutoCAD and plumbing detailing at Diablo Valley College. While he disliked the idea of school as a young student, he realized later in life that constant learning is necessary to become a successful businessman. He believes that he is where he is right now because he labored to learn new skills that will increase his potential.

Success does not come easy, and the same is true with Michael Vincent. He reached his objectives by working hard, studying, making sacrifices along the way, and working with integrity. Now he is giving back to the community by helping other entrepreneurs who want the same degree of success that he enjoyed.

Visit Michael Vincent’s website and YouTube Channel The Leak TV for more details about his services. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter, and Michaels Personal YouTube Channel the Live of Michael Vincent to get updates on his journey. 

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