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Successful Venture Capitalist Kerem Ozmen Empowers Others to Create Wealth



Successful and thriving entrepreneur Kerem Ozmen, though not yet 30, has been in business long enough to understand the demands of building a solid financial future. He has developed his personal attitude, honed his financial expertise, cultivated his business values, and has become one of the most influential venture capitalists in the industry today. With his success comes a deep desire to empower more people to experience financial freedom by bringing investments to the next level through his newly established company, 8090 Partners. As he leads this new venture towards success, Ozmen is expanding his network and furthering his reach to empower others to grow their wealth and make a global impact.  

Founded in 2020, 8090 Partners is an investment firm comprised of 20 [MW1] industry-leading families and entrepreneurs who specialize in direct, strategic investing. The families in the partnership represent $160 billion of collective wealth and market capitalization across 21 countries and 25 industries. With Kerem Ozmen as co-founder, the company has successfully realized multiple growth equity investments, joint ventures, and acquisitions in the last two years, making it one of the most influential and powerful investment firms in the world today.

As an investment expert and company executive, Kerem Ozmen takes a hands-on approach to running operations, a rare reality for someone of his stature. But Ozmen prefers to be part of the day-to-day hustle, to interact with people, and to anticipate problems before they even present themselves. This is his commitment to all 8090 Partners’ investors who entrust their money to his team’s competent hands. 

Kerem Ozmen is proud of his substantial international network that includes hundreds of successful founders, corporate CEOs, and high-net-worth families and investors located in various parts of the globe. By building a deeper level of trust and connection with influential families in a personal and casual manner, unlike most other venture capitalists, Ozmen has established himself as a reliable investment partner and manager. This trust fuels his resolve to bring all his investment partners the best opportunities available in the market today, so that they can become formidable industry leaders. 

Over time, Kerem Ozmen has developed a rather unique approach toward investing, one that reaches beyond the pursuit of pure financial gain, one that also yields a positive global impact. Ozmen values investing in companies that are committed to making the world a better place to be in, including areas like carbon capture and clean energy technologies, and various companies that are actively combating climate change. Ozmen believes that the next generation of young entrepreneurs needs to be equipped to solve the biggest problems that the world faces on the horizon. By educating and training youth to understand how to leverage technology and entrepreneurship to effect change on a global scale, people can expect to live in an improved and more promising world in the far future. [MW2] 

Prior to creating 8090 Partners, Kerem Ozmen was a founding partner and the sole managing director of a venture capital fund known as K50 Ventures. He was only 25 when he single-handedly raised a full fund, sourced more than 4,000 global opportunities, and invested in leading seed-stage startups worldwide. The first K50 fund generated recognition from national media, including Inc. magazine and CBS News, and was benchmarked within the top 1% of relative fund performance globally. 

“During my years at K50, I helped several young founders start their first companies, assisting them with anything from helping them create materials, find the right hires, think through strategy, and identify the right partners to scale the business,” Ozmen shared. “This was a very influential point in the founders’ lives where I was fortunate enough to have played a small role in their successes, both personally and professionally,” he said.

Kerem Ozmen is on a mission not only to create wealth for his investors but also to make lasting changes in the world, ones that will impact future generations. By his example, he hopes to motivate other venture capitalists to engage in meaningful business pursuits that will enhance the lives of people and their communities worldwide. 

Connect with Kerem Ozmen on LinkedIn to learn more about his businesses and their services. Follow him on Instagram for updates on his latest projects.

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