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Suzan Nguyen Helping People Overcome Pain and Find Happiness



Sometimes life takes a drastic turn beyond one’s control, and at that point, one is faced with two choices – either sulk or suck it up and get up. Suzan Nguyen never expected the life-altering event that made her lose her dominant arm, but since it happened, she has chosen to be better than stay bitter about it. Despite having it the worst she’s ever had in her life, and even relearning to live again, Suzan Nguyen has made herself a point of contact for anyone facing difficult situations in their lives.

Suzan almost lost her life in the traumatic car accident, and waking up from that experience set her up for many rude awakenings that she could not grasp all at once when they hit her. The loss of her dominant arm made her start learning how to use her other arm for everything, and as difficult as it was, it gave her clarity for her current life purpose. Suzan Nguyen is a happiness coach, instructor, entrepreneur, and TedX Speaker. Her book, “One Arm But Not Unarmed,” is an inspirational book that teaches how to transform a hopeless, bleak, and vulnerable life into that of purpose and happiness.

While surviving her near-death experience, she fell into a dark place until the day she snapped out of it all by herself. She began to coach herself by creating joy and happiness from within. Seeing the possibility, she began to show others how things were from her perspective while helping them turn adversities into advantages. “Once I got to that point, there was no going back for me, and all I wanted to do was empower others to be better, not bitter,” Suzan says.

To better strengthen her suit in coaching, she completed coaching classes at the Institute of Excellence in Professional Coaching, focusing on Positive Psychology. She also established her coaching practice, Be Better Not Bitter (BBnB) Coaching. With the Happiness Chief Encouragement Officer self-title, Suzan Nguyen is committed to shedding light on the happiness path for as many people as possible. She also created a candle collection called “Be Better Candles,” designed to empower with love. 

At, she launched a global course called “Overcoming Adversity,” which will help many people get to better points in their lives despite what they have gone through.

Through speaking engagements and volunteer efforts at her non-profit, Be Better Group, Suzan Nguyen keeps up with giving back to the community and delivering her #bebetternotbitter message. Her course, “Overcoming Adversity,” took more than a year to complete and was created for anyone going through dark phases and adversities in their lives. Suzan Nguyen built her brand on her pains and struggles and is advancing the brand by helping more people get through the painful phases of their lives. “I have unraveled two decades of my life to help anyone going through difficulties. While it may seem difficult, I can assure you that having someone like me who has gone through it to walk you down this journey can make a significant difference,” Suzan says.

Learn more about Suzan Nguyen and her work on the official website.

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