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Sweat with Svet as You Embrace the ‘New Normal’



“Your body is a temple.” You’ve heard of this before – probably more than you should. But just like all other things that pass right by you a million times, you may not have given this adage that much thought either.

A temple is a sacred place. One tries to be at their best behavior when they are inside it. The same goes for the body – you treat it with respect. And one way of doing that is by making your physical fitness a priority. Your physical state is the foundation of your being. Once you start taking good care of it, everything else follows. 

Svet Zurkov, the owner of Svetness, was born in the small town of Popovo, Bulgaria, but it was in the idyllic town of Elena, where he grew up. As a young child, Svet’s interests always gravitated towards health and fitness. He played a variety of sports and was known as an athletic kid. After attending a university in Bulgaria, he realized that he wanted to expose himself to the business world. At that time, he still did not know what field he wanted to invest in. But surely, he wanted to become an entrepreneur. 

Despite not having a specific business in mind, Svet fulfilled his dream of migrating to America, where he would officially start his career. He knew that his arrival in the country would just be the beginning and that he still had a long way to go. He first took a job as a cook in Ocean City. It wasn’t easy because this was something Svet was not inclined to do. It was way far-off from what he envisioned himself to be. But this did not discourage him at all. Quite the contrary, this fueled Svet’s drive to work even harder. 

For Svet, the plight was long from being over. He had to juggle day jobs on one hand and night school on the other. One would think that he’d break from all the struggles, but Svet came through. There were a lot of obstacles along the journey, but he never lost sight of his goal of owning a business. And so after going back and forth over thirteen different jobs, he was finally able to accomplish what he had been setting his heart on for years – opening his very own business. And this was just not any business – this was something that linked him to his childhood filled with sports. It may not have been clear to him back then, but a fitness company was probably the business he had in mind all along. 

Svetness personal training began in 2011, with the intention of providing health and wellness services that encourage its clients to see fitness under a whole different light. At a glance, the journey to being fit may seem a little intimidating. But really, the key to getting there is simply just to start. More than anything, the company also reminds its clients to enjoy the journey rather than solely focusing on their dream bodies or weight goals. 

In light of the global crisis brought by the pandemic, gyms have been shut down. But Svetness assures its clients that their fitness goals don’t have to be compromised. With the company’s in-home personal training service, clients no longer have to go to the gym – the gym can just go right in front of their doorsteps. This service gives a much more personal feel to it since the clients get to choose the trainers they wish to work with. The added sense of convenience and comfort offers the clients a boost for their motivation. 

With its clients’ interests and needs as its main priority, Svetness provides nothing short of the best fitness programs. 

To know more about the company’s services, head on to their website. Contact them via email or call 800-783-8637.

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