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Symple: A Tech-Forward Brand Making Groundbreaking Innovations



Despite the global crisis and many businesses shutting down left and right due to the pandemic, Symple found a way to establish itself in the business industry. Offering tech-forward smart furniture, it intends to revolutionize home living, one innovative piece of furniture at a time. As it transforms homes into a safe haven that is both comfortable and easy to manage, more and more people are drawn to its remarkable products. 

For Symple, proving ultimate comfort means ushering in the next wave of smart home innovation by offering state-of-the-art furniture that features high-quality materials, beautiful aesthetics, and functionality. The company’s first product, The Executive Smart Bed, is a multi-functional bed equipped with exciting features such as built-in charging ports, storage compartments, Bluetooth speakers, touch lights, and electronic massage chairs. 

The Executive Smart Bed works best not just for relaxation and sleep but also for working on one’s laptop and daytime lounging as well. The bed also comes with two adjustable genuine leather headboards, a sidearm, boot bed foot, hidden headboard shelf storage, built-in electronic lockbox safe, attached size stool and table, built-in extractable computer desk, and universal electronic remote control.

The bed is made up of wear-resistant microfiber leather, deep cushioning, high-density sponge, and a strong solid pinewood frame and skeleton. The bed size is a king bed frame with a width of 8 feet, a length of 8.5 feet, and a height of 2.5 feet. 

It would excite consumers to know that Symple accepts custom designs and features. The company’s main objective is to ensure that the clients get what they asked for. The company is made up of a team of highly skilled workers and partners who are more than able to provide mattresses and in-person installation services. Furthermore, the team members are known for their kind accommodation, creativity, and passion for the work they do. 

Company founder Kody Amburgey was motivated to develop Symple as a result of his passion for innovating within the smart home market. “I’m a multi-time founder, and I love bringing new products to the market. I’m on a mission to make home living more enjoyable and simple for everyone, especially during these unprecedented and difficult times,” Amburgey explains. 

Aside from The Executive Smart Bed, Symple also released other smart furniture such as the Smart Sofa and Smart Recliner. Overall, clients cannot help but rave about the company’s exciting products. After all, nothing compares to being able to enjoy comfort and innovation at the same time. Symple has perfectly combined the two to create a luxurious and meaningful experience for their clients. 

Although it was only recently established, Amburgey is nothing but confident that he and his team will one day make Symple a household name when it comes to smart furniture. In a few years, he envisions the company becoming the number one smart furniture brand in the country that offers a wide variety of innovative products. 

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