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Take Your Taco Tuesday To New Heights With This Simple Guide



Taco Tuesday is here!

It’s time to get your taco-tastic on, and we’ve got a few tips that’ll make your next Taco Tuesday truly epic.


First things first, let’s talk about the tortillas. You don’t have to use traditional flour tortillas—we’re not saying that they’re bad or anything, but if you want to take your Taco Tuesday to new heights, then you really should try using corn tortillas instead. They’re much more flavorful than traditional flour tortillas and they give a lot more texture and crunch.


Next up: the filling. We recommend using ground beef because it’s easy to find and delicious, but you could also go with chicken or turkey if you want something different. Add some jalapenos for some spice!


Finally, top off your tacos with some sour cream and cheese (or whatever else tickles your fancy). Then sit back and enjoy these delicious tacos as you watch the sunset over the beach.


Ok now that we’ve made our tacos, what next?

Watch a movie while eating tacos

I have a confession to make. I love movies. I love food. And I love tacos.


So when I realized that there is actually a way to watch a movie while eating tacos, it was like a dream come true. The only problem with this dream scenario? It’s not real life! At least, not yet.


But this isn’t going to stop me from dreaming big and imagining what it would be like if we could combine three of my favorite things into one glorious afternoon of movie-watching and taco-eating bliss. So today, let’s do just that: imagine how great it would be if we could watch a movie while eating tacos together!


First, let’s look at the logistics: how would we do this? Well, for starters, we’d need some sort of device that could play the movie (and maybe even pause!) so that we could eat our tacos without missing out on anything important on screen. Next up is the food itself—we’ll need some high quality ingredients to make sure our tacos taste amazing while they’re still hot off the grill or pan! Finally, we’ll need something good for drinks—maybe some lemonade or iced tea or something else refreshing so everyone can stay hydrated.

Tacos are always better with friends

Tacos are always better with friends.


But sometimes, you don’t have any friends.


And that’s okay! Because if you follow these simple tips, your tacos will be the best in town.


1) Order the right kind of taco—if you’re going for a crunchy taco, get it crunchy; if you want it soft, get it soft. Don’t try to mix and match because that just won’t work. If you have questions about which kind of taco is right for you, ask yourself: “What kind of person am I? Do I like to go out with my friends and share a bunch of different kinds of food?” If so, then order a bunch of tacos so everyone can try everything! If not, then take some time to think about what kind of person YOU are before ordering anything else.


2) Make sure your toppings are fresh—it doesn’t matter how good your shell tastes or how perfectly cooked your meat is if the lettuce has been sitting around since last week and the tomatoes look like they were pulled from an old compost pile behind some random building somewhere in town… unless that’s what you’re going for.

Try having some THC with your tacos

You know, we’re not saying that tacos and THC gummies go together like peanut butter and jelly. But we are saying that they’re not as incompatible as some people might think.


The thing is, you don’t want to eat an entire taco while you’re high. You’ll end up eating so much food that you can’t move. But if you open a little bit of the taco and eat it slowly, over time? You’ll find that your body is able to digest all of its flavors without getting overwhelmed or feeling like you need to take a nap afterwards.


We’ve also found that eating tacos while high makes us enjoy them more because we can appreciate their flavor more than usual. We recommend breaking up your taco into manageable bites—you should be able to put three in your mouth at once—and then chewing each bite slowly before swallowing it whole with water or another beverage (we recommend sparkling water because it’s refreshing).


Tacos go best with good drinks

Tacos are delicious.


But if you’re going to be eating tacos, you have to have good drinks.


We’re not saying that you need to go out and buy the most expensive bottle of wine or champagne on the market, but we do think a good glass of wine or beer can enhance your taco eating experience.


So here are some recommendations:


-A Margarita with Corazon Blanco Tequila and fresh lime juice will complement any taco you order. It’s also good with chips and salsa.


-If you want something more robust, try a Negra Modelo beer with your tacos. This Mexican lager is flavorful enough to stand up to the spiciness of your tacos without being overpowering. And even though it’s dark in color, it doesn’t taste bitter like some darker beers can be—it has a clean finish that makes it easy to drink several at once! It’s also quite affordable compared to other craft beers (around $7 for a six pack).


-For dessert: A nice glass of Moscato d’Asti (Italian sparkling wine) will add just enough sweetness without overpowering the meal. We recommend pairing this with Dulce Vida Sweet Mango wine cooler.

Taco Tuesdays are all about having fun, so have fun!

We’re not saying you should go overboard with your taco Tuesday fun—we’re saying you should do something that makes you happy! So whether that’s dancing in a circle with your friends or getting an extra helping of guacamole, just make sure it feels right for YOU.


If you don’t know what to do on Taco Tuesdays, we recommend… eating tacos.


You can also try making up a new dance to “Taco Tuesday” by Walk The Moon and posting it on Instagram. Or watch the movie Clueless (the original version). Or get really into jazz hands. But whatever you choose to do, just remember: Taco Tuesday isn’t just about tacos—it’s about celebrating YOU!