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Taking a look back at Black Friday



black friday

Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for shopping. Black Friday is a popular holiday shopping day. How do you find out how this all started?

Many believe that Black Friday is named after the profit margins of retailers, which eventually went to the black (profit) after they had been in the red for one year. It is true that retailers have historically recorded their profits and debts in black and red. This version of Black Friday’s origins is incorrect.

Black Friday

Jay Gould (a Wall Street stockbroker) and Jim Fisk create Black Friday on September 24, 1869. They came up with a scheme to buy as much gold from the country as possible and then make a large profit. This plan was cruel and led to the collapse of the stock market and bankruptcy for both the rich and the poor.

What is the story behind this association with Thanksgiving Day? This can be attribute to Canadians. Eaton’s Canada department store was the first to host a Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1905. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was inspire by this parade. It was first held in 1924 to celebrate the Roaring 20s success of Macy’s. This parade helped increase sales and morale. The majority of retailers agreed that holiday sales should be delaye until then.


Local retailers want to attract shoppers on that day. They weren’t happy about the use of “black”, which was traditionally use to denote unpleasant events. Black Tuesday was the 1929 stock market crash. Black Monday in 1987 was another day that the stock exchange suffere a greater percentage loss than any other day in 1929.

Retailers tried to rebrand the holiday as “Big Friday”, but it fail. Businesses adopt the Black Friday Deals 2022 brand later. They claime that this was when books were made black in stores.

After a number of injuries including deaths, retailers tried to spread the shopping frenzy over multiple days. Retailers tri to spread the shopping frenzy across multiple days after shoppers ran wild to get the best deals. Cyber Monday is being promot as Small Business Sunday. This is the day you can shop online for holiday shopping.

Because of ongoing supply chain disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s holiday season began long before Thanksgiving. Due to delays in manufacturing and shipping, toys and electronics might not arrive in time for holidays. Many Americans begin holiday shopping before Thanksgiving. To speed up the flow, the White House’s supply-chain task force has been working closely with private companies.

Thanksgiving Day

1941 saw the passing of a law that made Thanksgiving the fourth Friday in November. People start calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving to extend their holiday, and to take advantage of the fact that shops are open. Instead of causing HR headaches trying to figure out who was really sick or who was playing games, many bosses added Friday after Thanksgiving to their paid holidays. Many people began to take advantage of this extra day in order to buy Christmas gifts early.

Shopping was synonymous with Friday after Thanksgiving. The Philadelphia police department is the real reason Black Friday was born. In the 1950s, the Philadelphia police department first use the term to describe chaos created by suburban shoppers flooding into the city. Shoplifters took advantage of the chaos and stole goods from overcrowded shops. The police had to work extra hours to manage the situation.

In 1980, the red-to-black theory was created to transform negative associations associate with black Friday’s history into something more positive.

Cyber Monday

In recent years, the former one-day shopping event has been extende to four days. Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, and Sunday are also great times to shop for holiday deals. To get the best deals, some people skip Thanksgiving.

An estimated 174,000,000 Americans shop online and in shops over Thanksgiving weekend. On average, they spend $520 per person. UK retailers predict that Brits will spend around PS7 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What is the craziest part? Black Friday isn’t the busiest shopping day – that honor goes instead to Saturday before Christmas.