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The Amazing Story of Women Empowerment by Sierra Bizzell



In 2015, due to the incline of the reproductive issue, nearly seven million men and women sought solutions through the assisted fertility treatment. 

According to the website, about 12% of women in the U.S. have fertility issues. The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology estimated nearly 175,000 cycles of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in 2013.

Sierra Bizzell is a Holistic Health Coach, Master Herbalist, birth and fertility doula, and breastfeeding advocate who has experienced infertility herself. She has three wonderful homeschooled children and is happily married to Odell Bizzell II. The Holistic Health Coach is a graduate of N.C. State University and took up a course in B.A. Psychology. Sierra also pursued and received both an M.A. and an EdS at Liberty University, and completed her Ph.D. in leadership in 2019. 

Sierra’s life changed in 2009 when she gave birth to her oldest daughter via emergency C-section. The surgery led to secondary infertility and reproductive issues, causing the Holistic Health Coach internally and emotionally scarred. 

Due to Sierra’s long battle, researching ways on how to cure her body was the only option. Her extensive research led her to recover from a large ovarian cyst, breast cyst, heavy and painful periods, and improve her egg quality and hormone levels. Unfortunately, the damage caused by her C-section surgery is incurable. The irreversible reproductive problem led to an adverse solution that got Sierra’s both tubes removed to avoid ectopic pregnancy. Her doctor also advised preparing for an IVF. Since Sierra and her husband could not afford IVF at the time, they waited, and in 2018 they finally pushed through with the procedure. 

Sierra finally succeeded with her battles. The Health Holistic Coach walked away from her very first IVF cycle and decided to support other women who suffer from the same problem. The hard struggles made Sierra feel both healed and empowered. Sierra’s experiences led to a higher purpose in becoming a voice to speak out for women suffering from reproductive issues and infertility. 

In 2019, Sierra’s advocacy led to the creation of an organization named, Faithfully Fertile Foundation. She and her husband Odell Bizzell II aim to establish a support group and help people with non-traditional methods such as IVF and adoption. Sierra and her husband believe that the lack of money should not hinder a person from starting a family. Sierra lives up to her motto that says: “Healing is possible, but we must look at the whole person and support them in getting to the root of the problem!.”

The Health Holistic Coach seeks to educate and empower more women by providing support and knowledge about dealing with reproductive issues. The organization also helps with IVF funding for those who lack the financial capacity. “It is my hope to change the way that people see infertility and give those who are navigating through it a voice,” she states.

Sierra aims to target women in their childbearing years. “I want to use my voice and my platform to create change and show these women that they are not alone, and infertility does not have to define them! I want them to realize that their worth is NOT tied to their wombs,” Sierra explains.

Sierra’s experience shows people that although infertility is not a disease, it may cause psychological-emotional problems to some people, which include depression, hopelessness, anxiety, guilt, and feeling of worthlessness. She also shows that these women are not fighting their battles alone. There are treatments and support groups that help with such an issue. 

To talk to a Holistic Health Coach and birth and fertility doula, you can contact Sierra Bizzell through her Facebook and Instagram account, or click on this website link for more info. 

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