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The Art of Selling Your Used Machinery



Used Machinery

So, you have made up your mind to empty the space occupied by a piece of equipment in your shop. You certainly want to maximize your profits and ease while selling your old machine. You may be a hobbyist trying to exchange your basic CNC lathe for something more powerful. Or you are an experienced machine shop owner tired of listing your old machines on various sites. If you are trying to sell your used CNC machines, you are likely to have a number of questions in your mind. These can range from how to sell and where to sell to preparation and price.

One of the biggest questions would be whether or not you should sell the machine through used machinery dealership services. In older times, it was the only way but in the modern age of Craiglist and eBay, does it still make sense to sell through a third party seller? While it may be tempting to do it on your own, using a third party dealer with a network of buyers is a better option for the machinist looking to sell their machinery for the expected price.

Submit It Online

A majority of online machine sellers offer some kind of easy submission form to fill out to proceed. This form asks for your personal details along with the machine specifications and once you submit the form, you are connected to an expert who takes you through the options. You can get answers to any questions related to your situation there. Once you understand everything about the process and the worth of your machine, you can move forward. Most dealers offer a cash price for the machine upon free evaluation and you get a free quote within minutes.

Once you accept the offer, the dealer sends representatives to your place to verify the physical and mechanical condition of the used machine you want to sell. You can follow some simple steps to get your equipment ready for sale. Upon confirmation that the machine matches the condition and description, you can choose how you would like to receive money. Finally, the logistics department or third party movers will move the machine from your facility at a convenient time.

Working With Dealers

One of the major reasons machinists work with dealers to sell their equipment is the amount of time saved in the process. It is possible to sell a machine instantly for an upfront price quoted by the company. For small-scale manufacturers and hobbyists, arranging the entire process of sale takes a lot of time and effort that they cannot afford. Every minute that you don’t use the machine is a waste of resources. While a dealer may charge a little extra, you save hundreds of hours which would be otherwise wasted on the listing, negotiating with buyers and planning the logistics. Whether you are a manager, business owner or machinist, you should better spend your time on what you are good at. Letting the professional sales representative take care of the processes involved in selling your old machine makes this possible.

The other main advantage of used machine dealers is their sales skills and network. Most reputed dealers have a sales network spanning across countries and a huge web presence. These dealers are capable of putting your CNC machine in front of more eyes than you could expect to do on your own. This increases your chances of finding a buyer who pays more for your machine than you could get by listing it on eBay, Amazon or Craiglist.

Logistics Are Simple With a Dealer

Another important benefit of selling through dealers is the ease of logistics. A dealer can get you some of the most reputed transportation and logistics suppliers while some other big dealership companies take care of the entire process for you. Handing off the whole process often saves you a lot of money. They are professional sellers who move tons of equipment every day and they have the power to bargain and get the best deals with logistics companies better than independent shops can expect.

The prime concern for any seller of used CNC machinery is money. You care ultimately for-profit and while it may not seem profitable at first glance, you are certainly saving a lot of bucks by using a dealer. Though a part of the profit from the sale goes to the dealer, your machine will surely sell for a better price through the professional marketing and sales team behind a dealer. Combining this with the money saved through the above-mentioned factors across time and logistics results in saving a lot of indirect charges. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to selling used CNC machines. For experienced machinists and large manufacturing companies, handling this themselves makes sense. However, working with a used machine dealer can make your life much easier while saving you some money in the process.

Perfect Alternative

While internal sales, brokerage firms, and auction sites are worthy alternatives to selling your CNC machine through an online dealer, it is important to consider the pros and cons of these methods before deciding on one. While you may be tempted to sell your piece on your own through word of mouth, you must consider the overhead of waiting for days or months before finding the ideal buyer for your machine. Auctions and tenders are popular ways factories and manufacturers but this may not always work the best. You should exercise care in selecting the right method and auctioneer for the process. It requires more attention paid to the details and again, you wait till you find the right buyer paying you the price you expect your used CNC machine to fetch.

Finding a reputed, experienced CNC machine tool dealer over the internet is a great way to stay away from the stress and hard work you would otherwise have to deal with in the process of getting rid of your old machine. These dealers, through their network of buyers, can get you the perfect value and profit for your machinery without any hassle. They offer different ways to complete the process as suited to your preferences and requirements.

Use your skills and this guide to master the art of selling used machinery to get the maximum profit and value while saving time and effort, in a short time you will see your machine listed under CNC machine for sale.

Curt Doherty is the CEO of CNC Machines, A used CNC dealership located in Sanford Florida. CNC Machines has become one of the largest national dealers of Used CNC Lathe & Used CNC Mill. You can find out more about Curt on CNC Machines.